Past Title Holders

Miss UVU (2010-present)

Portrait of Addison Black - Miss UVU 2019

Addison Black

Title: Miss UVU 2019

Platform: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Other Recognitions

Title: Miss Springville Mapleton

Portrait of Natalie Jaco - Miss UVU 2018

Natalie Jaco

Title: Miss UVU 2018

Platform: “Hope Saves Lives” Suicide Prevention and Awareness (#hopesaveslives)

Other Recognitions

Top 12 Miss Utah 2018

Title: Miss Northern Utah County 2015

Portrait of Lindsay Steenblik - Miss UVU 2016

Tanesha Bland

Title: Miss UVU 2017

Platform: Use Your Head, Wear a Helmet

Other Recognitions

Non-Finalist Talent Award

Title: Miss Utah Valley 2018

Preliminary Talent Winner

Title: Miss Herriman 2016

Power2Become Winner

Portrait of ? - Miss UVU 2017

Karli Bird

Title: Miss UVU 2016

Platform: "Hungry for Change": Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery

Other Recognitions

Title: Miss Draper 2015

Portrait of Madison Tormey - Miss UVU 2015

Madison Tormey

Title: Miss UVU 2015

Platform: The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2017 4th Runner Up

Title: Miss Utah County 2017

Title: Miss Springville-Mapleton 2013

Portrait of Abby Eyre - Miss UVU 2014

Abby Eyre

Title: Miss UVU 2014

Platform: Vices of Virtual Validation

Portrait of Chelsi Richards - Miss UVU 2013

Chelsi Richards

Title: Miss UVU 2013

Platform: Illegal Substance Abuse

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2013 top 10

Portrait of Alisha Lee - Miss UVU 2012

Alisha Lee

Title: Miss UVU 2012

Platform: Domestic Voilence Awareness

Other Recognitions

Title: Miss Legacy 2012

Utah Talent Agency award 2012

Top Ten Finalist Miss Utah

Miss Cherry Creek 2015

2nd Attendant Miss Colorado

Portrait of Camille Echols - Miss UVU 2011

Camille Echols

Title: Miss UVU 2011

Portrait of Danica Olsen - Miss UVU 2011

Danica Olsen

Title: Miss UVU 2011

Platform: Prescription Drug Addiction Awareness

Other Recognitions

Title: Miss Utah 2011

Miss Utah 2011 Preliminary Swimsuit Award

Portrait of Valarie Moon - Miss UVU 2010

Valerie Moon

Title: Miss UVU 2010

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2010 1st Runner Up, Evening & Talent Prelim Winner

National Sweethearts 2010 "Peoples Choice"

Portrait of Lauren Burton - Miss UVU 2009

Lauren Burton

Title: Miss UVU 2009

Platform: "You 2 Ink" Focusing on at risk youth

Other Recognitions

Title: Miss Utah County 2010

Miss Utah 2010 top 10 & Interview Winner

Miss Utah 2011 Evening Wear Prelim Winner

Title: Miss Payson 2007

Miss UVSC (1993-2009)

Portrait of Christina Lowe - Miss UVSC 2008

Christina Lowe

Title: Miss UVSC 2008

Other Recognitions

Miss America 2010 top 15

Title: Miss Utah 2010

Miss Utah Swim Wear & Talent Prelim Winner

Title: Miss Utah County 2010

Miss Utah 2009 3rd Runner Up

Portrait of Lindsay Steenblik - Miss UVSC 2007

Lindsay Steenblik

Title: Miss UVSC 2007

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2008 Evening Wear Prelim Winner

Miss American Fork 2006 2nd Attendant

Portrait of Nichole Warner - Miss UVSC 2006

Nichole Warner

Title: Miss UVSC 2006


Portrait of Tiffani Christi - Miss UVSC 2005

Tiffani Christi

Title: Miss UVSC 2005

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2006 top 10

Portrait of Carly Tooke - Miss UVSC 2004

Carly Tooke

Title: Miss UVSC 2004

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2006 1st Runner Up, Swim Wear & Evening Wera Prelim Winner

Miss Utah 2005 top 10 & Swim Wear Prelim winner

Miss Utah 2003 1st runner up , Swim Wear, Evening Wera Prelim Winner/Quality of Life Winner

Nationals Sweethearts 2003 3rd Runner Up & Swim Wear Prelim Winner

Miss Utah 2002 top 10

Portrait of Emily Oldham - Miss UVSC 2003

Emily Oldham

Title: Miss UVSC 2003

Portrait of Alexis Miner - Miss UVSC 2002

Alexis Miner

Title: Miss UVSC 2002

Portrait of Nicole Shaw - Miss UVSC 2001

Nicole Shaw

Title: Miss UVSC 2001

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2001 Talent Award

Title: Miss Payson 2000

Portrait of Brittany Wiscombe - Miss UVSC 2000

Brittany Wiscombe

Title: Miss UVSC 2000

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2005 1st Runner Up & Quality of Life Winner

Title: Miss Deseret 2004

Portrait of Jennilynn Tucker - Miss UVSC 1999

Jennilynn Tucker

Title: Miss UVSC 1999

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 2000 4th Runner Up

Portrait of Jenni Olson - Miss UVSC 1998

Jenni Olson

Title: Miss UVSC 1998

Portrait of Maria Miner - Miss UVSC 1997

Maria Miner

Title: Miss UVSC 1997

Portrait of Tamara Worthington - Miss UVSC 1996

Tamara Worthington

Title: Miss UVSC 1996

Portrait of Raychellene Jasper - Miss UVSC 1995

Raychellene Jasper

Title: Miss UVSC 1995

Portrait of Jennfer Lee - Miss UVSC 1994

Jennifer Lee

Title: Miss UVSC 1994


Miss UVCC (1986-1992)

Portrait of Melanie Mitton - Miss UVCC 1993

Melanie Mitton

Title: Miss UVCC 1993

Other Recognitions

Title: Miss Utah USA 1995

Miss Utah 1994 top 10

Title: Miss Salt Lake County 1994

Portrait of Deborah Witte - Miss UVCC 1992

Deborah Witte

Title: Miss UVCC 1992

Portrait of Kristie Lee Natress - Miss UVCC 1991

Kristie Lee Natress

Title: Miss UVCC 1991

Portrait of Sherie North - Miss UVCC 1990

Sherie North

Title: Miss UVCC 1990

Other Recognitions

Miss Utah 1991 4th Runner Up

Miss Utah 1988 2nd Runner Up

Title: Miss Wasatch County 1988

Portrait of Molly McKay - Miss UVCC 1989

Molly McKay

Title: Miss UVCC 1989

Portrait of Candice Crane - Miss UVCC 1988

Candice Crane

Title: Miss UVCC 1988

Portrait of Tamalin Miner - Miss UVCC 1987

Tamalin Miner

Title: Miss UVCC 1987


Miss UTC (1980-1985)

Portrait of Annette Taylor - Miss UTC 1986

Annette Taylor

Title: Miss UTC 1986

Other Recognitions

Title: Miss Provo 1987

Miss Utah 1987 top 10

Portrait of Kristie Snarr - Miss UTC 1985

Kristie Snaar

Title: Miss UTC 1985

Portrait of Natalie Marriot - Miss UTC 1984

Natalie Marriott

Title: Miss UTC 1984

Portrait of Jane Eddy - Miss UTC 1983

Jane Eddy

Title: Miss UTC 1983

Portrait of Cathy Clark - Miss UTC 1982

Cathy Clark

Title: Miss UTC 1982

Portrait of Sandy Nielson - Miss UTC 1981

Sandy Nielson

Title: Miss UTC 1981