Brett McKeachnie

Interim Associate Vice President of Information Technology

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Joe Belnap

Sr Director - Special Projects for IT

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Candice Bird

Administrative Support III


Robert Johnson

Sr Oracle Developer - IT Administrative Programming

Nathan Gerber

Director - Web Development Services

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Jason Kennedy

Assistant Director - Web Interactive Design



Courses Offered at UVU

There are tons of resources out there to learn about making mobile apps, web apps, and responsive web pages. UVU has a wide variety of hands on and engaged learning courses. Here are just a few examples.

  • INFO 2420 - Web Application Design
  • INFO 4420 - Mobile Business Application Development
  • DGM 2271 - Principles of Web Design
  • DGM 2740 - Principles of Web Languages
  • DGM 3271 - Adaptive Interface Design

Visit our Course Catalog for a more complete list of courses UVU offers in related fields.

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