Current Exhibitions

two green titles of shows reading SAS and BFA with words jumbled behind them reading different art forms

MAR 24 - APR 25, 2015

BFA 2015

  • Jason Hermansen 
  •  Dorothy Boyle
  •  Brandi Stoneman
  •  Carlita De Jesus
  •  Christi Simpson
  •  Jennifer Pickering
  •  Liz Lindsay
  •  McKenzie Jones
  •  Elise McCluskey
home in Estonia with cloudy sky and bare tree

Parnu Maa, Liz Lindsay, 2014, mixed media

Bachelor of Fine Arts Final Project 
Liz Lindsay

Estonia is a land of barren fields and sunless days, whose people have found a way to make it beautiful. It is the love these people have for their land that keeps the frigid wind from stripping all hope from the soul. After living there for almost two years, the darkness and depression, along with the beauty of the people, left me with a desire to make sense of both the land and the people who call it their own. My work is about those experiences.

graphite drawing of girl with glasses

Virginia, Ashley Fairbourne, 2015, graphite

Student Art Show
Over 145 new works spanning all media from Art & Visual Communications

teapot made of ceramic in browns and tans  Untitled, Afton Brown, 2015, ceramic