Current Exhibitions

MAY 17 - JUL 1, 2016

Brad Holland &
Processing Temperature                               

geometric, abstract picture with reds blues and orange
Kathleen Burggraf, Liquified, mixed media, 2016

illustration of a man playing pool in a dim room
Brad Holland, Longshot


art of our century logo with large a o o c design

Contemporary works take over the entire museum space for this exhibition pairing. Art of OUR CENTURY is an annual juried show of new works from the western region of the United States, combining a variety of media, genre and artists. Running concurrently, Brad Holland’s career as an artist and illustrator has bridged the gap between the commercial and fine art worlds, and his works have featured in renowned publications as well as museums worldwide.

AoOC 2016 Artists:

Justin Barfield
Kathleen Burggraf
Kristine Bybee
Lucy Corwin
Elizabeth Crowe
Jenny Day
J. Amber Egbert
Dick Evans
Jolynn Forman
Howard Fullmer
Ellie Goldrup
Cynthia Hepworth
David Jones
Lloyd Knowles
Jason Lanegan
Angela McAllister


Susan Parkinson
Hadley Rampton
Kathryn D. Roberts
Sara Rose Robertson
Tammy Rodeback
Cunat Spencer
Scott Stanley
Tom Stephens
Craig Stone
Kathleen Stone
Maureen Thulin
Adam Watkins
Clinton Whiting
Travis Wood
Taylor Wright


cyclops head with large red eye and stripped grayscale background

Brad Holland, Cyclopedia

abstract, fine lines, creating a picture with bright backgrounds and a white shape in the middle

Lloyd Knowles, Composition 42, 2016