Current Exhibitions

The Metamorphosis of a Hive

The Exploration of Cultural Change

Woodbury Art Musuem presents The Boxcar Studios & Gallery. "The Metamorphosis of a Hive" The exploration of cultural change. December 15th

DEC 15, 2017 – MAR 3, 2018

Boxcar Studios is a collaborative space with the intent of building community through local outreach. With this showing, the Provo-based collective seeks to use their art as a catalyst to inspire critical thinking and explore the inevitability of change in our culture.


Orem: Roots to Branches

Woodbury Art Musuem in partnership with the Orem Arts Council presents Hidden Voices Orem: Roots to Branches.

JAN 16 – MAR 3, 2018

The HIDDEN VOICES program offers an outlet for expression through art by exhibiting unique sectors of Utah County. With the goal of enlightening the public while building community pride, this year’s HIDDEN VOICES show will feature art and artists that in some way connect with the City of Orem.