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Scholarships are available for instrumentalists, vocalists, and students proficient in media composition and technology. Scholarship auditions are held during the second weekend in February through a live audition at UVU or as a recorded audition. learn more

About Us

Faculty who are experts in their professions guide a vibrant program and enthusiastically assist students through every step of their university education. There are several music degrees available, allowing students to pursue the type of training that most interests them.

Why Music at UVU?

Degrees from the Department of Music qualify students to pursue a wide range of musical careers including performance, commercial music, and education. A degree in music is also excellent preparation for admission to graduate programs in music, as well as professional schools such as business, law, and medicine. learn more

What are Graduates doing now?

UVU music graduates hold professional positions in teaching, performing, conducting, composition and music media. Others are pursing graduate degrees in music and other disciplines. learn more


Guest and Faculty Artist Recital

Guest artists will join UVU faculty members in a recital on March 7, 7:30 pm, in the Science Building Auditorium. Admission is free. The recital will include works by Shostakovich, Fruhling, and Mendelssohn. The recital will include Brazilian artists Pedro Huff, cello, and Paula Bujes, violin, as well as Michael Gurt, piano, from Louisiana State University.

Ted Buchholz Recital

Ted Buchholz, Assistant Professor from the University of Arizona, will present a cello recital on March 23, 7:30 pm, in the Science Building Auditorium. Admission is free. He will be performing works by DesPlanes, Locatelli, Ravel, Debussy, Cui, Stravinksy, and Arensky. Three faculty members from UVU's Department of Music will participate in the recital: Armen Sahakyan, piano, Jayne Galloway, piano, and Donna Fairbanks, violin.


The Department of Music promotes student success through innovative programs that enhance musical creativity, hone performance expertise, and sustain high standards of academic excellence. World-class faculty provide learning opportunities essential to the professional competency of music students as they prepare for an increasingly global marketplace. The department engages diverse audiences through performances and activities representing an array of musical styles and traditions.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Offer the highest quality of education for students pursuing undergraduate programs in music performance, commercial music, music education, liberal arts in music, and integrated studies with a music emphasis.
  2. Provide an inviting, safe, and healthy environment that promotes academic excellence and musical creativity.
  3. Provide general music studies and performance opportunities to all students on campus.
  4. Foster an open and inclusive environment that engages traditional and non-traditional students, celebrates diversity, and promotes understanding of a variety of musical styles and cultures.
  5. Promote a supportive and stimulating environment within the department that encourages students and faculty to explore creativity and innovation at their highest professional potential. 

More shows coming this Fall


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