Bachelor of Music in Performance

Prepares students for performance-related work and studio teaching. In addition to standard courses that focus on performance skills, it includes courses relevant to the music industry such as entrepreneurship, music technology, and studio recording.

BM in Performance, UVU Catalog

Program Learning Outcomes

Music Education

Bachelor of Science in Music Education

Provides students with the competencies essential for a professional career in music secondary education.

BS in Music Education, UVU Catalog

Music education certification is possible for individuals who have been awarded bachelor degrees in music in areas other than music education. A minimum two-semester residency is required for music coursework, which includes music-major lessons, ensembles, and music education courses. To get started, interested individuals should do the following:

  1. Apply to UVU
  2. Schedule an appointment with Cherilyn Worthen, Music Education Coordinator, for transcript review, conducting assessment, and coursework planning
  3. Schedule an entrance audition on major instrument or voice
  4. Schedule an appointment with Kim Fale, Secondary Education Advisor, for application into the secondary education program
  5. Schedule an appointment with a School of the Arts Advisor for assistance in music coursework registration

Will the Music Education degree meet the educational requirements for the professional credential in the state or US territory you might choose to live during or after completing your UVU degree? Visit the UVU Professional Licensure website to learn more! 

 Program Learning Outcomes

Commercial Music

Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music
Prepares students for professional work in the music industry. Includes training in studio arranging and production, film/media composition, and jazz/commercial performance.

BM in Commercial Music, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes

BA/BS in Music

Bachelor of Science/Arts in Music

A liberal arts degree with a significant component of electives designed for students who desire a broad base of knowledge. The Bachelor of Arts in Music includes foreign language requirements.

BA in Music, UVU Catalog

BS in Music, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes

AS in Music

Associate of Science in Music

A two-year program that offers foundational studies in musicianship and performance. Prepares students for continuation in a four-year degree program in music.

AS in Music, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes

Music Technology Certificate

Music Technology Certificate
A two-semester program that prepares students for professional work in the music media industry.

Music Technology Certificate, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes

Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies with an Emphasis in Music
A degree with dual emphases, one of which is music and a second in another academic area of the student’s choice.

IS Emphasis in Music, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes


Minor in Music
Offers introductory studies in musicianship and performance, including theory, aural skills, private instruction and ensemble participation.

Minor in Music, UVU Catalog

 Program Learning Outcomes