Percussion UVU

Here at UVU Percussion, our mission is student success, preparing students with the skills they need to move to their next level in life. For some, that step means securing a music teaching position. For others, it may mean moving on to a top graduate school in a variety of music disciplines or a vocational career in the music industry. We never want you to JUST SAY NO to that special gig or teaching opportunity. UVU Percussion is a “total” percussion program where students become skilled in styles and literature on standard classical percussion instruments, drumset, and music from around the globe. 

The UVU Percussion Studio will provide professional-level experiences and opportunities for all students that will foster growth through self-discipline, creativity, and entrepreneurship.  Successful students will embrace these challenges as they develop a global awareness toward their instrument, environment, and community, guiding them towards a passion for life-long learning. 

Shane Jones, Director
MW 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm
NC 614


Harrison Works for Percussion, Violin & Piano
Albany Records

John Cage & Lou Harrison, Double Music

Lou Harrison, Canticle No.3