UVU, Mountainland Technical College to provide ‘seamless pathways’ between institutions


Utah Valley University and Mountainland Technical College (MTECH) have signed a series of agreements to create “seamless educational pathways” from MTECH to UVU.

The agreements in culinary arts, nursing, automotive technology, and web and mobile phone development mean that MTECH students will not have to repeat classes when transferring, making it easier and faster to graduate from UVU. Plus, MTECH’s one-year certificates are workforce-based, meaning they prepare students for part- and full-time work in their areas of study, which will help them to find employment should they choose to work while attending UVU.

These new educational pathways will augment the long-standing agreement between the two institutions, where MTECH programs with 900+ hours of instruction can transfer directly to UVU as 30 credit hours in the technology management program.

The next pathways officials are designing are in surgical technology and other healthcare fields supporting the need for an increase in healthcare workers in Utah Valley. In the future, the institutions hope to create pathways in manufacturing, welding, and small business management.

UVU also offers a Wolverine Scholarship that applies to students enrolled in a two-year career and technical education (CTE) pathway. The scholarship is available to Pell-eligible students and applies to the workforce-focused pathways between MTECH and UVU. The scholarships make it possible to complete a UVU associate degree tuition-free.

“Thanks to the hard work of the faculty and staff of both institutions, MTECH students now have an unprecedented opportunity to make a meaningful transition into University coursework,” said Clay Christensen, President of MTECH.  “We look forward to expanding our important partnership with UVU as we serve our students throughout the region.” 

Faculty from both institutions have worked closely together to evaluate and align curriculum and validate its rigor. UVU plans to hire a pathways outreach specialist who will work directly with MTECH students to make the transfer process even more seamless.

MTECH and UVU will collaborate on guest lectures and presentations made by UVU faculty in MTECH classes to increase the number of students transferring between the institutions and furthering their education.

“UVU is proud of our partnership with MTECH—what we are doing qualifies as best practice for 21st century, pragmatic, and inclusive education. MTECH offers valuable instruction that prepares students well to succeed at UVU,” UVU President Astrid S. Tuminez said. “These new pathways will allow greater numbers of students to graduate in a timely and efficient manner. Together, MTECH and UVU are helping prepare students to lead productive and dignified lives.  What a wonderful mission for both our institutions!”