UVU Women’s Success Center raises $335,000 for scholarships


UVU student Jamie Bond gathered her four small children, ranging in age from two months to five years old, hurriedly packed two suitcases, and called a friend to transport them to a new life. She says it took years of spousal abuse that intensified with time to come to the decision to leave. "In that decision, there was extreme fear, and extreme freedom," Bond said.

Jamie told her story at the Utah Valley University Women’s Success Center scholarship luncheon held March 6. Through community generosity, a total of $335,000 was raised for scholarships.

Bond is one of the scholarship recipients who says UVU changed her life. Following her flight to freedom, she went into hiding for the sake of her children. She says during the first few days, there was a numbness, followed by hope. “I felt such hope I had never felt before. I knew that moving forward we were out of the abuse cycle and the world had color again.”

But, she says, there was also the realization that with freedom came the responsibility of providing for her young family. “I really needed something to do to take care of us.”

Because of child care costs, working in a minimum wage job was not a viable option. She didn’t think college was either — until she heard about the Wee Care Center on the campus of UVU.  She said she knew during her first visit to the center that her children would be loved and well cared for.  “I had always wanted to go to college, and this was the opportunity.”

She entered Utah Valley University on a student loan, but soon found people who connected her with the tools she needed to move forward. “I found the Women’s Success Center, and there were so many resources on campus to help me.”

Jamie Bond is now a junior majoring in finance. “I’m so excited for the future. Looking back at the past two years, life is so much better.”

Tara Ivie, senior director of the Women’s Success Center, and Wee Care Center, says a scholarship can provide a lifeline. “Scholarships remove what is often the greatest barrier between a student and their diploma — and a better future.”

Data shows an education not only creates the security of a better income, but it will also benefit a woman’s family and community for generations to come.

“Research shows again and again the value a college degree adds to a woman’s life. We are so grateful to have a strong community that supports us not only through their generous donations to our scholarships at this luncheon, but through year-round engagement and advocacy. This community of support helps us keep students in school, letting them know that someone believes in them as they pursue their goals and go on to graduate.”

The Women’s Success Center is committed to helping all of UVU’s students find their success. Programs are designed to help students stay on course and graduate. While tailored specifically for women, the Women’s Success Center welcomes everyone on campus. It offers personalized support to accelerate their timeline to graduation.

For Jamie Bond, the hand up she received, in her time of need, has made all of the difference. “I never thought life could be this good. I will graduate and I’m excited about my future career.”

She says it was an honor to share her story, and be part of an afternoon that will ultimately change the lives of others. “It brings me to tears. I’m just so full of gratitude that people see [a] need, and take steps to fill that need.”