Faces of UVU: Lindsey Lewis

head shot of Lindsey Lewis

Major: Financial Planning/MBA

Graduated:  May 2017

Lindsey Lewis’s goal was a career with a good work-life balance. She took some medical college courses while still in high school, but decided the work-life balance would be better in a different career. 


Lewis received acceptance letters from several universities in Utah. She determined Utah Valley University had what she was looking for.


Lewis is crafting a future that includes being a mother and also having a career. UVU's financial planning program offered hope of achieving her goals.


She obtained her MBA in UVU's accelerated one-year program in 2017, shortly after graduating with her bachelor's degree in 2015.


She is currently working in wealth management and 401(k) training. Her dream is to help millennials understand how investing at a young age can change their lives.


Her classes at UVU taught her to make her goals "SMART": specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. She puts all of her goals on a vision board. "Life is always a balancing act," she says.


Lewis always told herself that "a man is not a plan," and because her mother obtained a college degree, Lewis always expected to get a degree herself. She wishes more women and girls would see earning a degree as an expectation, rather than an option.


The Women's Success Center has programs that are helping more women graduate than ever before with a “degree for life,” and Lewis loves that. She also endorses The Women of the Woodbury program at UVU, which promotes not only more women in education in general, but increased enrollment for women in business and entrepreneurship specifically.


"I want to be a woman who people can reach out to as a mentor for the next generation. I want to help push the needle in a way that empowers women."