CARE Stations Welcome Students to UVU


It’s the first day of school. You fought for a parking spot, spent $500 on course materials, forgot your student ID, and don’t remember learning any of the equations reviewed in your first lecture of the day. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

 Back-to-school season can be a time of stress for everyone, from the first semester freshman to the capstone course senior, so UVU’s Student Life is stepping in to make the first three days of classes more manageable by creating Coordinated Access to Resources and Education (CARE) stations. CARE stations will be run by knowledgeable staff and faculty members who will provide students with directions, maps, and of course snacks. Each station also has a unique activity to encourage fun interactions between students, hopefully relieving some of the first-day nerves.  

“We want to create an environment where students are receiving exceptional care during the first few days of school when they have so much going on,” said Summer Valente, director of the Center for Social Impact. “The hallways can be tricky to navigate, especially for freshmen and transfer students who are unfamiliar with campus, so we’re being proactive in extending our support.” 

Seven CARE stations will be set up by the Student Life department alone, with several other deans and assistant vice presidents running CARE stations in their respective colleges and departments.

“We’re encouraging staff and faculty to get out of their offices and really engage with students this week, even if they’re not assigned to a specific CARE station,” said Valente. “Our goal is to help any student that needs resources or a little bit of energy so they can start their semester right.”


Student in UVU apparel holding a “how can I help?” sign.