UVU Financial Planning Degree Ranks 3rd in the Nation


Wealth Management magazine’s cover story ranks the top 25 financial planning degree programs in the U.S. Utah Valley University is at the top of the list — coming in third as the best on-campus, degree-granting programs that prepare students in financial planning.

The rankings are based on nine markers of excellence. More than 300 four-year institutions were studied. The top-ranked programs have a high ratio of faculty who have earned Certified Financial Planner credentials, offer electives in finance beyond the minimums designed by the CFP Board, and report a higher number of completions to the CFP Board. 

“UVU has been home to the largest undergraduate financial planning degree program in the U.S. for several years now,” said Luke Dean, CFP program director. “We were previously recognized by Financial Planning magazine as one of the top-10 standout programs in the U.S., but it’s nice to see in a data-driven, objective ranking created by Wealth Management magazine and WealthManagement.com that they feel like UVU has the 3rd best financial planning program in the U.S.”

UVU students consistently participate in national financial planning competitions and frequently place in the top 5.

“Seeing UVU and the other top financial planning degree programs featured as the cover story of Wealth Management’s October issue will help create even more demand for top-quality students to join our CFP major, and for top firms around the country to come to recruit our graduates. UVU students have always had the work ethic and the humble attitude — now, they also have the national top-three ranking.”

Wealth Management magazine has a circulation of 180,000, with 386k newsletter subscribers and 1.3M monthly pageviews. 

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