‘Radically Candid’ Author Kim Scott Elevates UVU Audiences


Kim Scott wants the entire UVU community to be more radically candid.

That was her message Thursday during the Presidential Lecture Series at UVU before hundreds in the audience.

Scott invited audience members to follow the concepts in her book, Radical Candor, by caring personally and challenging directly the individuals around them. From business to marriage, the pattern can be applied to improve relationships and organizations alike. “I also use it with my children, those I manage, and I’ve used it with those who manage me. It works up, down, and sideways.”

While Scott is best known for her book “Radical Candor,” a bestseller for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, she talked extensively about what she’s currently working on, a project she called “Radical Collegiality,” or how people work with each other. She spoke of her experiences as a young professional, confronting company after company where she was paid less than her male counterparts for reasons that had no logical validity. “Radical Collegiality” is her new system of methods that can be used to confront inequality between genders within organizations.

With personal stories, case studies, and visceral data points, Scott demonstrated how the ideals of optimizing collaboration and respecting individuality can help organizations confront gender injustice in the workplace. “Don’t use this framework to put people into boxes,” Scott said. “Use it to guide specific conversations that you’re having to a better place.”

With this new direction in mind, and in the spirit of her own counsel, Scott asked for feedback and commentary at the end of her presentation. Students, faculty, and other attendees had a chance to voice their opinions, questions, and concerns. Scott especially took note of one student’s definition to help clarify a definition to help avoid future bias.

All students who attended Scott’s lecture as part of the Reed and Christine Halladay Lecture Series received a copy of “Radical Candor” as a gift from UVU Board of Trustees Chair Duff Thompson.

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