'Queer Eye' Host Tan France Urges UVU students to ‘Make America Fabulous Again’


Tan France bounced on stage in the Rebecca Lockhart Arena Tuesday as hundreds of UVU attendees clapped and cheered. The fashion designer, actor, and author charmed the audience members with his cheeky, authentic presence. He filled the room with witty comments and valuable advice about life, fashion, and everything in between.

France currently hosts the Emmy-winning makeover hit and Netflix reboot "Queer Eye." He also recently released The New York Times bestseller, Naturally Tan, the first season of his viral YouTube series "Dressing Funny," and the first season of a new global fashion design competition series for Netflix called "Next in Fashion."

"We decided to bring Tan because he is a man of many talents. He is very driven and knowledgeable in business and great at fashion. He has also been able to teach people about being proud to be themselves and developing themselves in the community," said Maddie Miskho, vice president of academics of UVUSA. "I hope that students are able to learn how to run with their dreams and not give up."

As a Pakistani and member of the LGBTQ+ community, France’s message revolved around the power of dreams, representation, and inclusivity. "If what I do helps one kid think that they get to dream a life they never thought possible, it’s worth it," said France when asked about hate he receives online. "Representation can do a lot for people. It makes them feel safe."

France advised students not to "feel pressured to do things at the same time as everyone else." He championed the need to be willing to stand out from others and live your truth, but not to force yourself to do anything if it’s not your time.

France wrapped up the moderated portion of the lecture by showing Student Body President Taylor Bell how to execute France's signature look, the French Tuck. France then opened the floor to a Q and A session from the audience.

UVU student Ana Maria Marin asked France what he does when he hits creative blocks. "You can’t force creativity," said France. "You need to be inspired, and sometimes inspiration can only come when you remove yourself from a situation." 

France's visit ended with a standing ovation from the crowd and a beaming smile and wave from France and his husband, Rob.

The UVUSA Senate Speaker Series provides campus with keynote speakers aimed at providing academic involvement outside of the classroom. The overall goal is to represent as many colleges and schools' disciplines as possible while also paying attention to current affairs and topics. The speaker series is open to the campus and community at large.

If what I do helps one kid think that they get to dream a life they never thought possible, it’s worth it.
— 'Queer Eye' host Tan France