Women’s Success Center Raises More than $600K for Scholarships at Luncheon


Utah Valley University’s Women’s Success Center hosted its eighth annual Women’s Scholarship luncheon on Wednesday, March 4, at doTERRA headquarters in Pleasant Grove. Through the generosity of UVU’s community, $605,115 was raised at the luncheon.

The money raised goes directly to student scholarships given through the Women’s Success Center. Cienah Miller, a scholarship recipient who spoke at the luncheon, said her scholarship has changed her life and the life of her young daughter. “A donor’s investment in me said ‘My life matters.’ A donor who wrote a check not only helped me ease a financial burden, they also helped me create a new life for me and my daughter, Bella.”

Finances are the No. 1 reason students put their education on hold, and women are more likely to drop out because of financial difficulties than men. An unforeseen emergency, like a car breaking down or a medical emergency, can leave a student with the choice of paying their bills or paying tuition. Scholarships can bridge this gap, ensuring students stay in school and on the path to graduation.

The Women’s Success Center is committed to helping all students at UVU find their success. Programs are built based on best practices to ensure students are supported in the most effective way possible.

“It is because of Cienah and other women like her that we feel so passionately about the work we do,” said Tara Ivie, senior director of the Women’s Success Center. “At UVU, we are proud to be open enrollment. No matter what, there is a place for you at UVU. We believe in our students and we believe in the power of an education to transform a woman’s life and the life of her family.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Women’s Success Center or giving to student scholarships, visit this link.