Utah Valley University Asks Regents for Permission to Delay Tuition Hike


Utah Valley University President Astrid S. Tuminez has asked the Utah State Board of Regents to allow UVU to delay a 1.38% tuition increase until fall semester 2020 in order to better align with the academic year and improve the student experience. 

Summer semester registration begins in February each year, but students enrolling do so without knowing the tuition and fee rate they will be assessed. By allowing annual tuition rate increases to begin in the fall, rather than summer semester, university officials will be able to communicate the increases to students in a timely manner, reducing stress in student financial planning.

This proposal to change implementation of tuition and fee increases was presented and discussed during UVU’s Truth in Tuition hearing on March 5, 2020, and received enthusiastic support from students. In addition, UVU’s President’s Council and Board of Trustees approved the proposal.

“It is all about being transparent, and creating a system that will remove barriers for students at every stage of their journey toward graduation,” said Tuminez. “We want our students focusing on their education and success, not on process.”