UVU’s New Mental Health Clinic Offers Free Teletherapy to Students, Community


In the face of global economic instability and increased anxiety due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program at UVU knows how critical mental health services are during times of crisis. In an extraordinary effort to continue serving MFT students and their patients, Program Coordinator Liz Fawcett and Clinic Director Todd Spencer have taken great strides to keep the clinic open in an online capacity.

“One of the most important elements that has emerged from COVID-19 is greater awareness of our need to connect and nurture meaningful relationships,” Spencer said. “With social distancing comes increased isolation. While it is important to follow mandates and guidelines of social distancing and wearing masks in public, it is also important to recognize the need to connect with others. Isolation tends to be associated with increased depression and anxiety. During a crisis like COVID-19, access to mental health services becomes increasingly important.”

Spencer and his team have gone above and beyond to continue offering quality mental health services to the community. In addition to the work they’ve done to move all their services online, Spencer decided to make their teletherapy services free for all their clients. “Circumstances regarding COVID-19 has not changed the UVU Community Family Mental Health Clinic’s commitment to making quality mental health services accessible to residents of Utah regardless of their financial situation,” said Spencer.

“We know how important this clinic is, both for members of our community and for our students,” said Steven Clark, dean of the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences at UVU. “We want to continue to provide the best possible education for our students, including the experiences they need to graduate on time and excel in their chosen careers, especially during these trying times.”

To schedule a teletherapy appointment at the UVU Community Mental Health Clinic, please call 801-863-4780. If no one is available to answer the call, leave a voicemail and will be contacted within 48 business hours. Therapists will do their best to accommodate clients’ schedules and will be able to offer services in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Clients will receive a text or email link to join their virtual session. Clients do not need to download anything — they just need access to a device or computer connected to the internet.