President Tuminez Named on Short List of People with ‘Most Pull’ in Utah Valley


Readers of a magazine based in Utah County have made their opinions known — and they say UVU President Astrid S. Tuminez is one of the top influential people of the year.

Utah Valley Magazine, in its 19th annual “Best of Utah Valley” edition, named the UVU leader as one of four people in the “Most Influential Person” category for the entire valley.

“In her 18 months in Orem,” the article says, “she has made the school’s core values a reality: exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.”

Voting happens every year in a contest on a variety of topics to designate the very best Utah Valley has to offer. 

Tuminez tied with Utah Senator Mitt Romney for the second-most votes.

To view the full list, go to page 33 of the digital edition of the magazine.

Best of Utah Valley