Digital Transformations Coming Soon for UVU Employees, Students

The Division of Digital Transformation (Dx) is actively working to deliver delightful experiences to our campus community.


Friends and Colleagues,

Digital transformation employs technology to change culture, processes, and practices in ways that fundamentally change how institutions operate and provide value to those they serve. The Division of Digital Transformation (Dx) is actively working to deliver delightful experiences to our campus community. By the beginning of fall semester 2021, we expect to provide the following new services:

  1. Students will receive new email addresses in the form This significant change will enable students to interact more fully with Microsoft (MS) tools such as Outlook email, calendars, and Teams. Students will no longer use email addresses in the form of
  2. Improved password management tools and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for our Microsoft collaboration tools will be in place for students. These enhancements will enable all of us to work and interact more securely. For the time being, faculty and staff will continue to use our current tools.
  3. Whether working on campus or remotely, faculty and staff will enjoy a modern voice communication system with integrated collaboration tools. Dx will replace our current phone system with voice communication through MS Teams. This will allow placing and receiving phone calls via any device that runs MS Teams (laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet) from anywhere with internet connectivity as if placed or received on campus.

Within the same timeframe, Dx and Marketing and Communications will provide the following enhancements:

  1. Faculty may better showcase their scholarship, research, and other work through faculty webpages. There will be standard pages for all faculty members that will show selected information from Digital Measures. Faculty may also build custom pages with additional functionality.
  2. Students, faculty, and staff will enjoy the intuitive navigation through an updated, modern look and feel on the UVU website.
  3. Employees will appreciate an updated intranet (myUVU) to streamline internal communications and provide access to information when, where, and how they need it.

Finally, Dx plans to introduce other improvements after the beginning of fall semester:

  1. A new student mobile app
  2. Personalized support through artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots
  3. Improved MS Teams classroom integrations
  4. An ability for students and faculty to selectively add class schedules to their Outlook calendars

By early summer, we’ll have a website and other tools you can use to check the progress of these projects and learn more. Watch for updates via email. We know change can be challenging; we are developing training aids, documentation, and FAQ to help with these and other upcoming transitions.


Best regards,

Dr. Kelly Flanagan
Vice President of Digital Transformation
Chief Information Officer