UVU Student Receives Full-Ride Scholarship from the Utah Jazz

Alexa Garcia’s good news came in an unexpected FaceTime call with an NBA star from the Utah Jazz.


Alexa Garcia’s good news came in an unexpected FaceTime call with an NBA star from the Utah Jazz. The graduating high school senior says the conversation is still sinking in. “I answered, and it’s not anyone else but the one and only Rudy Gobert. It was amazing. I didn’t believe it. I was like, oh my goodness, there’s no way. I smiled; I screenshot it. I didn’t believe it was real.”

Gobert, a record-holder for single-season dunks, delivered news of a slam dunk for Garcia. She was selected as a recipient of a full-ride, four-year scholarship. It will cover her tuition, books, fees, and room and board at Utah Valley University. The Jazz pledged one scholarship to a Utah student for each win they earn this season. As of June 11, Garcia is one of 61 recipients — if the Jazz win more playoff games, more scholarships will be awarded. 

“I am super blessed, super lucky, and super grateful,” Garcia said.

But Alexa Garcia is more than lucky. She is extraordinary and has worked diligently to graduate with a 4.0 from high school. Her titles also include Sterling Scholar, cheerleader, member of the Mountain View tennis team, and state DECA president. She graduated with an associate degree from UVU last month, which she earned through concurrent enrollment. She was encouraged to apply for many scholarships because of her achievements. With seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm, she is blazing a new trail as the first in her family to attend college.

“It was definitely tough and definitely defying the odds. It was a lot of pulling all-nighters at times and a lot of doing homework instead of hanging out. It was worth the sacrifice, though.”

The Jazz received her transcript along with a two-minute video, in which she told the story of her education journey, her time in Mexico and Columbia, and her goal of earning a degree in economics from Utah Valley University.

“Just seeing the culture and those kids my age [in Latin America] and the opportunities that I have and that I sometimes take for granted, it’s amazing, and every time I see that, I am very grateful,” Garcia said. “I want to do something with the opportunities I’m given, especially as a Latina first-generation college student. I want to make a change, make a difference.”

Garcia will pursue a career in business or politics and has her sights set on becoming a United States ambassador someday. Although she could study at any university, UVU is her first choice to help her achieve her dreams.

“UVU has been a place where, since the very beginning of freshman year, I have been very welcomed — in the hallways, with the counselors I talked to — I’ve never felt less than. I’ve always been included in everything.”

Garcia is looking forward to being back at UVU fall semester and plans to immerse herself in the Wolverine experience fully. Meanwhile, she is following the success of the Utah Jazz as one of their greatest and most grateful fans.