New-Look UVU Campus Retail Resource Celebrates Grand Opening and New Name

The ribbon is cut, and the grand opening continues for the new Campus Store of Utah Valley University.


The UVU Bookstore is no more.

The ribbon is cut, and the grand opening continues for the new Campus Store of Utah Valley University. Following a year and a half of construction and eager waiting, the store is now open to the public.

It features inviting modern furniture, a larger clothing and retail selection, and a more functional space.

Elaine Brando is a UVU freshman studying criminal justice. Her mother used to work in the old UVU Bookstore when she was in elementary school.

“As a kid, it was fun to explore around my mom’s workplace, but this place is so much fancier, it’s unrecognizable,” Brando said. “There’s a lot of new stuff, and the general atmosphere is a lot livelier and fun. Now, it’s more than just a bookstore.”

UVU employee Brandi Pacchiega remarked that the new bookstore featured a more modern look and much more sitting space. But for Pacchiega, the bookstore has one key feature that she expects will draw the masses: “Ice cream!” she said with glee. “Employees should come to Scoops for a quick treat, browse the store just to get a chance to clear your head for a few minutes.”

Sam Stewart, a freshman studying business, said he loves the new store, that it’s the perfect place for students to relax, study, or hang out with friends.

“This has a great communal feel to it,” Stewart said.

UVU Campus Store Director Louise Bridge remarked that while it’s been a long journey getting the Campus Store to where it is today, the wait was worth it since students are enjoying themselves in the new space.

“Our hope was to find a space for students to come and make visiting the bookstore an event — to do homework, relax, or hang out,” Bridge said. “This isn’t just a destination to buy something and leave. Looking at the opening, it looks like we succeeded.”

Bridge added that even though class textbooks have now been outsourced, the store will still have materials students will need for classes such as art supplies or technology from the Apple Store placed in the center of the space.

“Student success is still what we’re striving for,” Bridge said.

Among the many highlights the Campus Store has, Bridge said Starbucks and Scoops are getting the most attention.

“Both places do very well at UVU,” she said with a smile.

The UVU Campus Store is offering new deals to celebrate their grand opening! Visit the store on Oct. 28 or go to to check them out.