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Behind the Scenes

A window into some of the real-life moments of Matthew S. Holland's presidency

By  | Photography by August Miller, Jay Drowns, Hans Koepsell

President Matthew S. Holland and his family have been at Utah Valley University for over nine years. For the last six of those I, along with all the other university photography staff, have had the pleasure of documenting his tenure.

What this has meant is access that most people don't have, and with this access comes the responsibility to document the history of the institution and the history of the people who run it.

One of the most important things as a photographer that one can do when documenting important things like this is to look for quiet and powerful moments that quickly define the essence of the individuals involved — how they think, who they are, and what is important to them.

In this case, what these quiet moments reveal is a leader who loves people, and they love him back. Someone who remembers everyone's name, who is as equally at ease with a billionaire as a pauper, who always puts students first, who has a deep love for his family. Someone who laughs a lot, and someone who brings out laughter and the best in others.

These photos are not a timeline of President Holland's tenure at UVU, but rather a window into the person — and husband and father — that he is. We're sure he would want the spotlight on students rather than himself or his family. But in this instance, we will just have to rely on forgiveness and wish them luck as they move forward.

All the best,

August Miller and the UVU photo staff, present and past