A New Chapter

Matthew and Paige Holland

It is impossible for me to convey all that I am feeling as I consider that this is the last issue of the UVU Magazine I will send to you.

Serving as president of this institution for nine years has been a signal honor and an enormous source of satisfaction and joy, both personally and professionally. When I first arrived here nine years ago, the institution was already on a tremendous trajectory. Yet, significant challenges also loomed. Determining how to maintain that trajectory and overcome those challenges looked daunting to say the least. What I discovered very early on, though, is that this institution is filled with and supported by a vast swath of intelligent, talented individuals with huge hearts and a love of this institution.

As Paige and I move on to a new chapter of life, serving a faith we cherish, we want to, above all things, thank and pay tribute to all those who have made such a difference in our lives and in the life of this institution.

We are so grateful to our colleagues in the administration and on the faculty and staff who have worked so tirelessly in the development and implementation of a vision for UVU to be:

• inclusive in its outreach to all students, from all backgrounds, and all levels of academic preparation and aim,

• engaged with the world around us, making the educational experience at UVU practical and fascinating,

• serious in its commitment to intellectual rigor, academic standards, professional best practices, and national achievement in everything from the arts to athletics,

• and, ultimately, a place focused first, foremost, and forever on student success, helping all those who come here prepare to make a great mark on their professions, communities, and families.

We are no less grateful for the incredibly generous and thoughtful support of all our alumni, external boards, legislators, civic officials, and general community supporters who have made the realization of this vision possible.

Finally, and most tenderly, we express our greatest thanks and praise to the students of Utah Valley University. They are the main reason we came, stayed, and absolutely love this institution. We wish them, and the entire UVU community, the best possible future — something that we know awaits as UVU takes the next step in its exhilarating development.


Matthew S. Holland