Proctorio at Utah Valley University

Proctorio is available to all faculty to provide remote proctored online assessments for their students regardless of course modality with no added proctoring fees to students.


Always use Google Chrome to set up or change Proctorio exam settings to maintain exam integrity.

About Proctorio

Proctorio is an online third-party remote proctoring service that allows for proctored Canvas exams and quizzes to be taken at home with a student’s computer. Students can access the Proctorio servers 24 hours a day and every testing session is recorded.  This is not a live proctoring system.  Each testing session is recorded, and the software flags any suspicious behaviors for review by the Professor.  The program includes a lock down browser to prevent students from accessing other digital files from the machine they are testing on.

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Setting Up Proctorio

Proctorio Settings

Proctorio Gradebook

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Compliance Standard

Proctorio is compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA standards for students reliant upon screen readers and keyboard navigation. Please visit Proctorio’s Accessibilitypage for more information.


Students serving in the military and actively deployed may encounter limitations in using Proctorio.  In these cases, a student would need to contact their professor to utilize one of the Live Proctoring options for their exams.

Flexible Exam Settings

Proctorio settings allow for exams to be released for individual students utilize the testing center or a certified exam proctor. Review the Proctorio Flexible Exam Settings Guide for instructions.

If you have a student with a current accommodation letter you received formally from the Office of Accessibility Services, make sure you complete these important steps after making your Proctorio exam flexible:

  • Schedule the exam for the local students with the UVU Accommodative Testing Center,
  • Refer distance students to the Live Proctoring section of the OTL Exam Proctoring page to set up their proctor.
  • Contact the Office of Teaching and Learning if you have a distance student with this accommodation to finalize details with the certified exam proctor.

Students with current accommodation

Additionally, students with a current accommodation letter sent formally to their instructor may, in limited cases, qualify to utilize a Live Proctoring option instead of using Proctorio. These students should not be held responsible for any fees associated with using a Live Proctoring option instead of Proctorio.  Contact the Office of Accessibility Services for details.

There are several resources available to assist in learning to use Proctorio for your Canvas assessments:

The Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL) will provide full support to faculty using Proctorio through workshops, individual consultations, tutorials and walk-in support.