Employee Notices

Utah Valley University faculty and staff need to know the federal, state and University workplace laws, regulations, and policies listed below. Annual Notices are those notices that include a requirement to provide the information to all faculty and staff on an annual basis. UVU satisfies that requirement by sending an electronic reminder to employees annually to visit this page and review this information. Notices Required to be posted are those which are posted in Human Resources and are available to all faculty, staff and applicants on this web page.

Annual Notices

  • The Utah Protection of Public Employees Act protects employees who report in good faith any waste or misuse of public funds, property, or labor; illegal or unethical conduct; abuse of authority; or gross mismanagement.
  • The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records.
  • In compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, the Drug and Alcohol Program web page, and UVU Policy 324 Drug-free Workplace, provide information on UVU’s drug and alcohol abuse program and resource information for employees.

  • Campus Security (Jeanne Clery Act) crime statistics information is required by the Clery Act. Select the Clery Act tab on University's police department web page.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (UVU Policy 165) provides information about nondiscrimination in employment.
  • Sexual Violence and Harassment Policies (UVU Policy 162 & Policy 165) guide the University in its commitment to create and maintain a community in which all can work in an atmosphere free of harassment, sexual or otherwise.
  • Conflict of Interest provides information regarding the obligations of employees under the Utah Public Officers and Employees Ethics Act and UVU policy pertaining to conflict of interest.
  • The Ethics Point reporting system, with the option of anonymous reporting, allows anyone to report issues or concerns that may involve unethical behavior, violations of law or policy, potential conflicts of interest, theft, or other issues.
  • Emergency Procedures provides information and guidance to employees on how to respond to various emergency and disaster situations.
  • The Workplace Violence Policy (UVU Policy 154) describes UVU's commitment to maintaining a safe work environment. Given the increasing level of violence in society, the institution has adopted guidelines to deal with intimidation, harassment, or other threats of or acts of violence.
  • The Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy (UVU Policy 304) outlines UVU's policy toward employment of relatives and to minimize the negative impact of productivity and job satisfaction created by nepotism or the perception of nepotism and to strengthen public confidence in the integrity of the institution.
  • Employment Responsibilities and Standards (UVU Policy 322) provides information about responsibilities and standards for employees.
  • The Code of Conduct reflects requirements of federal and state law, Board of Regents' policies, and university policies, procedures, and practices.
  • The HIPAA Privacy Rule gives individuals a fundamental right to be informed of the privacy practices of their health plans and of most of their health care providers, as well as to be informed of their privacy rights with respect to their personal health information.
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Notice provides basic information about the new Health Insurance Marketplace and employment-based health coverage offered by the University.
  • Employee Medical Plan Mental Health Exemption will not affect or alter existing coverage for mental health or substance use disorder services under the University's current medical plan.
  • COBRA Notice explains continuation of coverage, when it may become available to you and your family, and what you need to do to protect your right to receive it.
  • Medicare Part D Notice provides basic information about your current prescription drug coverage with Utah Valley University and your options under Medicare's prescription drug coverage.
  • Notice of Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act provides protection for individuals who elect breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.
  • Newborn's and Mother's Disclosure Notice includes important protections for mothers and their newborn children with regard to the length of the hospital stay following childbirth.
  • Premium Assistance regarding Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Notices Required to be Posted in HR and on the Web

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