Report Concerns

Reporting a Concern

If you are concerned about an immediate threat to life or property, or need to report a crime is in progress, call immediately University Police at 911 or (801) 863-5555

The University has selected Ethics Point, a private contractor, to provide individuals with the ability to anonymously and confidentially report concerns. Reports can be made either by phone or on-line.

This reporting system does not replace the existing reporting methods on campus. Individuals are encouraged to bring concerns to their supervisor, Human Resources, or other campus entities as appropriate.

Select a category below that best represents your concern. The appropriate campus entity should be contacted first and is listed in the report to column. To report through Ethics Point, select an issue in the right column.

Categories Report To:(Campus Entity Responsible for Area) Click to Report Through Ethics Point
Human Resources Issues

Assoc. Vice President/Equity Officer of Human Resources

Mark Wiesenberg

(801) 863-6076

Human Resources
Financial Issues

Assoc. Vice President of Finance

Mike Francis

(801) 863-8818

Financial Issues
Safety Issues

Risk Management

Robin Ebmeyer

(801) 863-7977

Safety Issues
Information Security and Technology

Assoc. Vice President CIO/Information Technology

Ray Walker

(801) 863-8183

Information Safety & Technology

Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Title IX, Dating and Domestic Violence, Stalking, Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault

Director, Office for Equal Opportunity

Melissa L. Frost

(801) 863-7590

Discrimination, Title IX, and Sexual Violence Issues

Student Academic Issues

Academic Affairs Office

Karen Cushing

(801) 863-8048

As academic concerns arise, the first point of contact should be; (1) your instructor, then (2) the department chair responsible for the course/program, then (3) the dean responsible for the course/program, and finally (4) the Academic Affairs Office.

For a list of department programs to find a department chair see

For a list of Academic Colleges/Schools to find the Dean see

Student Academic Issues
(Click on "Other" category on Ethics Point web page)

Student Life or Student Non-Academic Issues

Dean of Students

Alexis Palmer

(801) 863-8681

Student Non-Academic Issues (Click on "OTHER" category on Ethics Point web page)
Other Other issues that do not seem to fit the above categories Other


Access Ethics Point Hotline or call 877-228-5401