Why Philosophy?

There are many reasons, ranging from the tremendous practical value of the knowledge and skills philosophy helps you to develop, to the personal satisfaction and edification of studying the views of some of the greatest minds in human history—from skills that allow philosophy majors to consistently score higher than any academic discipline on the law school admissions test and compete very favorably in measures like mid-career median salaries, to the satisfaction of understanding why the unexamined life is not worth living.  To learn a little more about 'Why philosophy?', check out what philosophy can do for you.

Why Study Philosophy at UVU?

We don’t mean to brag, but we strongly believe that UVU might be the best place to pursue an undergraduate education in philosophy in the entire region. Our faculty engages in cutting-edge research in myriad areas of philosophical scholarship, allowing us to teach and mentor students in the entire history of philosophy, in all of the major topics of philosophical inquiry, and in both Western and Global philosophy. We’ve got it covered from Anaximander to Žižek, from Dharmakīrti to Butler and Beauvoir, from deconstruction to formal semantics and set theory, and from honing your critical thinking skills to pondering the meaning of life. Our faculty founded and direct the Center for the Study of Ethics, and the Religious Studies, Gender Studies, and Peace and Justice Studies Programs, all of which reflect just some of the interests and strengths of our faculty, and of our students! Our faculty are committed, first and foremost, to the success of our students in all of the classes that we teach, and to helping to mentor and prepare our majors for graduate school, professional school, the career of their choice, and, of course, for life

Advanced students in our program have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, and monetary stipends, working as research assistants, and teaching assistants and graders for introductory courses. So please come visit us soon, and consider joining our department and working with some of the very best teachers, scholars, and students at this great University!

Department Chair

Pierre Lamarche
CB 507B

Associate Chair

Thomas Bretz
CB 507J

Administrative Support

Adam Donahoo
CB 507