AED Locations

Autimated External Defibrillators sign

Automated External Defibrillators are located throughout the Utah Valley University properties.  The AEDs are placed in accessible areas for the general public and emergency personnel.  AEDs located in main corridors can be found in white alarmed cabinets in the locations listed. AEDs are for emergency use only.  Although removal of an AED or opening an AED cabinet will trigger an alarm, you will still need to call 911.  Departments may request training in the use of AEDs by contacting UVU Risk Manager, Robin Ebmeyer at (801)863-7977.


  • UVU Police Department- Room GT331 and all UVU Police Vehicles
  • UVU Emergency Response Team
  • Alumni Center- Main floor near kitchen
  • Brent Brown Ballpark- Lower entrance by Orem Owlz offices
  • Browning Administration Building- Main floor near room BA110
  • Building L- Cafeteria
  • Emergency Services Building- Main corridor across from room 146
  • Extended Education Building- Main corridor by restrooms
  • Facilities Building- Main corridor south end by stairs
  • Gunther Trades- 5th level corridor between Gunther Trades and Computer Science Building
  • Fulton Library- 1st and 3rd floors by elevator
  • Losee Building- 3rd level near elevator
  • Physical Education Building- Next to Issue Room
  • Sorensen Student Center- Main corridor by Bookstore and in Student Health Services
  • UCCU Event Center- Service corridor by small loading dock and Main corridor by men's restroom
  • Wasatch Campus- Upper level