Crime Information

Crime doesn't pay:

Price of Crime

The Price of Crime

  • Misdemeanors - Crime and associated fine.
  • Traffic Violation - Crime and associated fine.
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Crime Statistics


UVU Crime Statistics are collected and reported to the state and federal government to assist them in tracking crime trends.

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Report a Crime

Report a Crime

The UVU Police Department relizes that many people choose not to report a crime because of a reluctane to become involved.

Report a Crime

Tips for being safe on campus and in your Community

Yes even in Utah crimes do occur and more often than you would think.  Most crimes tend to be crimes of opportunity which can be reduced with some simple steps.

  • Apartment and homes-  Most residential burglaries occur when a door is left unlocked and unattended.  Event short trips away from  your residence give criminals ample opportunity to enter your residence and take your valuables. Get into the habit of even keeping your door locked even when you are home.
  • Vehicles- Lock your vehicles and remove valuables.  Most vehicle burglaries in this area are also crimes of opportunity.  Criminals are known to target vehicles even with a small amount of loose change left in cup holders and center consoles.  If you must leave your valuables in the car place them in the trunk.
  • Parties, dances, and events- Stay with people you know and trust.  Don't leave drinks unattended and always know what source your drink is coming from. 
  • On Campus- DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES and BOOKS UNATTENDED. Thefts frequently occur at the university when bags, books, laptops, and other valuables are left unattended even for short periods of time.  When using restrooms do not leave valuables on the shelves. 
  • Report all crimes and suspicious activity immediately.  Do not be one of those that consults their friends, family, clergy, therapist, facebook, etc. before reporting it to the police.  Time is critical.