Report a Crime

The UVU Police Department realizes that many people choose not to report crime because of a reluctance to become involved. The form below has been created in an attempt to allow the anonymous reporting of crimes committed at UVU, in Utah Valley or nationwide. All reports will be investigated thoroughly and the results will be posted both in the UVU REVIEW.

In order to provide anonymity when using the computer reporting please follow the directions below:

  • Click on the "options" choice on the Netscape menu bar
  • Click on "mail and news preferences"
  • Click on the "identity" tab
  • Enter "anonymous" in the "name" and "email" spaces
  • Click "ok"

Vehicle Description (if applicable)

Please enter specific information concerning the details of the crime and suspect below. Please include dates, times and locations.

It is a Class B Misdemeanor in the State of Utah to make any written false statement which a person does not believe to be true. (UCA 76-8-504)