Utah Valley Emergency Communication Plan

PURPOSE: The purpose of this plan is to aid in minimizing confusion and curbing escalation of inaccurate and erroneous information related to a problem or emergency at the College.

NEWS POLICY: Under the Direction of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Marketing, the Office of College Marketing and Communications is the official channel through which any information concerning the Campus is to be disseminated. Any official statements concerning the Campus will be distributed by UV Marketing and Communications Officials.

UV SPOKESPERSON: Either Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Marketing or the Director of College Marketing and Communications will act as the College Spokesperson. During a crisis, only the College Spokesperson is authorized to provide information to the media.


Level 1- Campus crime, assaults, minor damage to campus. Communications process: Campus Police should report details to College Marketing and Communications in a timely manner.

Level 2- Injury accidents on campus or involving UV groups off campus, loss of life, building evacuations, damage to campus, campus closures for weather/ safety issues. Communication process:

Campus Police will make contact with UV Marketing and Communications and provide details of situation.

Level 3- Catastrophic disasters that may include natural disaster, campus violence leading to loss of life, or major immediate evacuation. A media center will be established in the Events Center to provide a location for media briefings, sufficient power and telephone access, and a central location for all media needs. If the

The building must be evacuated if the fire alarm sounds or if you are instructed to by an authorized Public Safety, Facilities, or Administrative representative.