The building must be evacuated if the fire alarm sounds or if you are instructed to evacuate by an authorized Public Safety, Facilities, or Administrative representative.


  1. Always leave the building immediately. Turn off equipment and lights and close the door behind you.
  2. Use stairways to exit. Never use an elevator as an emergency exit, except as described in #3 below.
  3. Assist disabled or injured persons in evacuating the building. Elevators should not be used if there is any danger of a power failure during evacuation. If you are in doubt as to the nature of the emergency, DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. IN CASE OF FIRE NO ONE SHOULD USE AN ELEVATOR.
  4. If you encounter individuals who are ignoring the fire alarm instruct them to leave the building immediately.
  5. Once outside, move away from the buildings. Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency personnel and vehicles.
  6. Do Not re-enter the building until directed to do so by an authorized Public Safety, Facilities or Administrative Representative.