Psychological Services

UVU Student Health Services- 801-863-8876


As with individuals, the UVU community would suffer trauma in the aftermath of disasters or gruesome crimes. The campus community would experience a sort of paralysis immediately following the incident. Almost everyone is in shock, yet each individual is likely to react with a different set of emotions. Also, caregivers in the community (fire, police, etc.), wanting to help in the crisis, may themselves be affected by a sense of shock.

The UVU crisis team would respond to assist victims of traumatic stress on our campus. Using the National Organization For Victim Assistance (NOVA) team would provide psychological support for survivors after a crisis. Crisis team services would include, but are not be limited to, crisis intervention, post-trauma counseling, group crisis intervention, death notifications, etc.

There are three primary tasks the team performs:

  1. Helping decision makers identify all the groups at risk of experiencing trauma.
  2. Training local caregivers who are to reach out to groups after the crisis team.
  3. Leading group crisis intervention sessions to show how those sessions can help victims to cope with their stress.

UVU Police Department has several C.I.T. Officers who are certified through Wasatch Mental Health in dealing with the mentally ill.