President Tuminez sitting on a couch with a happy expression on her face.
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Inauguration Well-Wishes


“Hello Dr. Tuminez, congratulations on being the seventh president at Utah Valley University. It warms my heart to know that it does not matter where you come from, if you have dreams and work hard you will achieve them. You are a true example of hard work, commitment, and dreams. I wish you all the success as the next president of Utah Valley University.”

— Dr. Jerri Haynes, assistant dean, Fort Hays State University

“Congratulations to President Tuminez! I'm sad I'm not still a student there while UVU is under your care and guidance, but I'm excited for everything this new era will bring my amazing alma mater. Also, so stoked to see UVU pick such an incredible person for their first female president. (Plus, I love bragging that I know you by extension through my husband's family, who knew you in Hong Kong.) Congratulations once again!”

— Keli Byers Morey, alumna

“You are brilliant! You are an amazing person who has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. The utilization of your talent and gifts will enrich our community for generations!

We wish you and Jeff, Michal, Whitman, and Leo all the very best!”

— Bridget Verhaaren & Gary Garner, community members

“Dear Dr. Tuminez, on behalf of the Utah County Academy of Sciences, we wish you a long and successful presidency at Utah Valley University. UCAS recognizes the critical support that UVU provides to the success of our early college high school students. Thank you for your support and very BEST WISHES!”

— Anna Trevino, Ph.D., superintendent, Utah County Academy of Sciences

“UVU is very fortunate to have this special person lead at this particular time in history. I knew her many years ago as students at BYU. Aside from her dazzling intellect, the impact she had on my life centered around her genuine, positive energy in how she lived life. I suspect this has not changed... and UVU and its students will be better for it.”

— Chad Nelson, alumnus

“Congratulations Dr. Tuminez, the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) is honored and so proud of your accomplishments. More power to you! I hope to see you and meet you.”

— Dr. Maria Luisa Ramira, immediate director & associate professor, Family Nurse Practitioner Program in San Diego, CA

“I am so excited to have you here at Utah Valley University. I anticipate that great things will happen, wonderful memories will be made, and eternal friendships will be fostered. Thank you for your energy, your smile, and your lifelong careful preparation to be in this position. Best wishes to you and your family as you embark on an amazing journey as the president of this university.”

— Karen Cloward, staff

“President Tuminez, I cannot express enough how excited we are to have you leading our institution! You are an inspiration to not only our staff and faculty, but to our students. They hear your story and see how you have been able to dream and move further and be compelled to do the same. You are a game-changer already in your short time here, and we are excited to see where we move next under your leadership!”

— Darah Snow, staff

“I love how engaged you have been from the second you have arrived. I’m excited and eager to see how you continue to further UVU’s mission, goals, and successes.”

— Reuben Holdaway, student

“Things I learned about Astrid Tuminez when I was her roommate in 1985:

  1. She is a snappy dresser! She is beautiful, outside and inside.
  2. She doesn’t sleep longer than is needful. She works hard and fast. She is brilliant.
  3. She consciously cultivates positive relationships, especially with her family and friends. She is kind.

In her new role as UVU president, she will continue to inspire those around her, just as she did me. All the best!”

— Debi Dixon, friend

“I feel great changes coming, especially for the young women of UVU. Yay, Dr. Tuminez!”

— Erin Riggs, staff

“I'm so impressed. I am so excited to have her as the president here at UVU where I get to be a part of it all. Congratulations, Dr. Tuminez! You are amazing!”

— LynnEl Springer, staff

“Dear President Tuminez, I know this has been quite the busy time for you since coming to UVU. I appreciated you reaching out to me for information and ideas when you were interviewing, and I love your vision for what UVU can achieve. I hope each and every day of your time at UVU is filled with interest and joy, and I look forward to the future.”

— Anton Tolman, professor, behavioral science

“Congratulations, President Tuminez! May Heavenly Father bless you with all that you may need — including excellent physical health, a brilliant mind, the love and support of family, friends, students, and colleagues — so that you may continue to lead UVU to greater heights and successes. Everyone at UVU is grateful for having a leader and president like you. You are an inspiration to all, especially women.”

— Catherine Lui, faculty

“I am so grateful to be a student during your time as president. You are a wonderful addition to the Wolverine family, and I am so excited to see what greatness is achieved!”

— Franny Bruschi, student

“President Tuminez, thank you for all you do for the faculty of UVU, for helping to enable us to be the best that we can for our students. Go Wolverines!”

— Craig Thulin, faculty

“Welcome to UVU! I am excited to see the great work you will accomplish here.”

— Maegan Steele, student

“Dear President Tuminez, I'm glad you're here. It is nice to have a female role model as our institutional leader. Please come to faculty senate more often. I hope all the ceremonies are delightful and go smoothly! May you enjoy your time at UVU.”

— Jessi Hill, faculty

“Wish you the best, President Tuminez. May God bless you and Utah Valley University!”

— Devon Sanchez, student

“Congratulations, President Tuminez! We support you in working with faculty to alleviate workload stress so that we can more effectively raise the level of potential student achievement at the individual and collective level.”

— Julie Nichols, faculty

“On behalf of UVU Enactus we look forward to working with you through the coming years. Thank you for your drive and dedication!”

— Peter Gregory, student

“Utah Valley University is lucky! Thank you very much and well wishes to your presidency here at Utah Valley University!”

— Tyler Evans, student

“Dear President Tuminez, it was probably a long road for you to reach this high position of the leader of this extremely fast-growing university. I am glad that you are up to this challenge not only because I heard about all of your accomplishments in your past jobs and positions, but because you persevered while being international student and coming from different cultural and social background (I share that part with you). I wish you the greatest success and believe that you can and will make a great impact not only on the UVU mission and growth, but on the people who work and study here.”

— Vira Bahr, staff

“Thank you for being here, President Tuminez. We're so grateful to have you as our new president. You are an inspiration to us here at UVU.”

— Lucas Platero, student

“Welcome to UVU! I am so excited to see the changes that are already happening and am excited about the future. Thank you for considering and accepting this challenge.”

— Wendi Karbakhsh, staff

“President Tuminez, welcome to UVU. You come with an impressive history. We look forward to working with you to make an impressive future.”

— Mark Leany, staff

“Thank you, thank you for your vision, your courage, and your compassion. I feel proud to be at UVU with you leading us to, surely, a bright and exciting future.”

— Mizuki Olivarez, student

“President Tuminez, thank you for being so committed to first-generation college students!!! They truly need our help and I am so excited for the opportunities they will have here with your support!”

— Kameron Barkle, staff

“President Tuminez, you're an inspiration to many women not just at UVU or even Utah but across the country who have too few women of color to look up to in positions of executive leadership. You're not just in our thoughts, you're in our dreams, goals, and vision boards(literally). I couldn't be more proud to work at UVU than I was when you were announced as our next president. Best of luck blazing the trail!”

— Noemy Medina, staff

“Dear Madam President, congratulations on perfect decisions to lead this fine institution. I am sure under your leadership and with your clear vision for UVU, and also with everyone's help in a short time, we will be one of the best universities — not only in the state but in the nation. All of our staff and faculty in our brand-new electrical and computer engineering department will do our best to achieve this goal as soon as possible, and we know the only way to do this is to put the student interest and learning ahead of everything else. We should all try to make a difference and be the best we can be so we can give life-changing experiences to all of our students. I am honored to be part of this organization. Thank you very much for all you do.”

— Hossien Ghaibi, staff

“Dr. Tuminez, we are so excited to have you as the president of our university. My friend and I were recently discussing the excitement of having UVU's first female president, and we agreed that you are an encouraging and motivating leader. I know that you'll make our school and community better. Thank you for all of your hard work, and all that you do for our university.”

— Sadie Ogles, student

“Thank you for your message about inclusion at UVU. We are very lucky to have you as our seventh president!!

— Vanessa Bocanegra, student

“So proud and excited to have a woman university president here in Utah!!!! Let UVU be the positive change for women of Utah. YAY, OUR leader!”

— Erin Riggs, staff

“When I first saw you at Freshman Convocation, your meek, kindly nature left an impression on me. You value learning, and I can tell that it is your sincerest wish that we all share in that prize. I am glad to be spending the rest of my time here at UVU looking to you for encouragement. Best of luck, success, and enjoyment to you!”

— Ashlynn Wilson, student

“My sincere congratulations on your inauguration and formal appointment as president of UVU! This is a special day in UVU's history and I’m so glad I could be there to celebrate this momentous occasion with you. I’m confident that you will lead UVU to an even higher standard of excellence in the future. Thank you for being an inspiration and example to me. I’m thrilled that we share a mutual interest in Singapore.”

— Ling James, staff

“President Tuminez, warm well-wishes to you as our seventh president of Utah Valley University! I am sure that under your leadership, wisdom, and guidance, UVU will achieve many further heights and achievements.”

— Joy Martin, staff

“Dear Mrs. President Astrid Tuminez, this is an exciting day for the UVU community here in Utah! Every time I see an article about you in the paper or magazines or online I always stop to read it because I am inspired with who you are and where you came from and how you got here. We welcome you, and I'm so grateful you accepted the challenge to be the president of Utah Valley University!”

— Stormy Levy, student

“President Tuminez, I have been taking note of your leadership style since you arrived to campus last fall. I am excited by your vision, energy, and kind spirit. Welcome to UVU! It is a pleasure to work with you to accomplish big dreams. Count me in as dreamer and a doer.”

— Susan Thackeray, faculty

“Dear President Tuminez, I am so grateful that you are here! I know that accepting this position and moving to Utah was a sacrifice for you and your family, and I hope that you will find joy and success in your work and life here. Thank you for all you have done so far, and for the great things that will be accomplished in the coming years as you guide the work and serve as leader of UVU. Thank you for all you do, and are!”

— Deb Escalante, faculty

“Dear Dr. Tuminez, the lifted spirits and positive focus your impact has had already on the Utah Valley University community are notable. Best of luck — we are thrilled you are here!”

— Diana Brown, adjunct faculty

“Welcome :] I’m so grateful to welcome you!!! I value your knowledge and how you have come a long ways to be where you are today!”

— Amanda White, student

“We feel very fortunate that of all the places you could have chosen to serve that you landed here with us. Thank you for coming alongside us and for getting behind what makes us uniquely Utah Valley University. We are excited to see what we will do together. All the best to you and your family as you explore your new home in the high desert!”

— Michelle-Marie Scott, staff