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Dr. Astrid Tuminez is innovating higher education to meet the workforce demands of tomorrow

Presently, in her role leading the largest institution of higher education in Utah by enrollment, Tuminez is poised to impact Utah in an unprecedented manner by shaping the future of its workforce and fastest-growing communities.

AI Voice Clones and Deepfakes: The latest Presidents' Engagement Tools

The friendly but authoritative voice of Astrid Tuminez delivers a cybersecurity PDS, narrating over an animated version of herself. Throughout the cartoon, the voice of the Utah Valley University President warns of perils such as phishing and phone scams before delivering a final, surprise reveal: the voice that sounded like Tuminez was that of an artificial intelligence- enabled bot.

Sunday Edition: Dr. Astrid Tuminez

This week on Sunday Edition, Boyd Matheson sits down with the president of Utah Valley University, Dr. Astrid Tuminez. Dr. Tuminez is the seventh president of the university and the first woman to serve as the institution’s full-time president. She tells Boyd what she believes the vision of higher education should look like, and how it should be accessible for all people. They discuss the importance of higher education and advantages it brings to a thriving democracy. President Tuminez tells Boyd about the programs the university is offering to help change the future of education. She also shares one of the initiatives at the university that she is most excited about.

Amid the dei debate, this fireball utah college president stands out as a living example of diversity

She's at Utah Valley University's board meeting. She's waving green-and-white pompoms at a wrestling match. Now she's discussing plans for building a bridge across a freeway. Then she's flying in a helicopter with student pilots or jetting off to New York to meet with giants of industry... Meet Astrid Tuminez, the petite Philippines-born UVU president, who took off at a furious pace in 2018 as the surprising choice to lead the Beehive State's largest university. And she hasn't slowed down ever since. 

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