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Presidential Interns


UVU's Presidential Internship Program is a distinguished internship held in the Office of the President, with the goal of providing students from all backgrounds with the chance to learn from and engage with UVU's executive leadership team. Each intern will work closely with a member of UVU's cabinet to develop and implement high-impact projects on behalf of the university's leadership. Students will obtain a better understanding of UVU's purpose, fundamental values, and an inside view of higher education by working with the cabinet. Students will develop skills to enhance their education, careers, and personal lives. 

Presidential internship application

The application deadline for the 2024-25 cohort is on February 25, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.


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Past Interns

2023 - 2024 Presidential Interns

Bryson Finley

Bryson Finley - Lead Intern, Intern to Kara Schneck, Chief of Staff

Bryson Finley, a senior at UVU currently pursuing a BFA in photography, boasts a dynamic background in student leadership. Prior to his involvement in the presidential internship program, Bryson dedicated three years to UVUSA student government. He embarked on his journey as the Entertainment Chair, cultivating a deep appreciation for student engagement. This passion led him to seek further leadership roles, and he successfully campaigned for both the positions of VP of Engagement and VP of Activities. Beyond his academic pursuits, Bryson loves being creative, investing his time in various artistic endeavors such as cooking, baking, photography, and drawing. His love for the outdoors includes activities like hiking, walking, and fishing. As he approaches graduation, Bryson aspires to carve a career path in brand design, blending his creative talents and leadership skills.









David Nelson

David Nelson - Intern to President Astrid S. Tuminez

David Nelson is a senior majoring in Accounting with minors in Business Management and Russian Studies with an intent to pursue the audit/assurance and consulting field. David is doing an assurance internship at Ernst & Young in the summer of 2024. After his bachelor’s degree, David plans to get his Master of Accountancy at Utah Valley University, after which he plans to work for Ernst & Young full-time. David hopes to become a great strategic leader. He is passionate about seeing organizations and people reach their potential. He has strong interests in real estate development, technology, and Finance.


David also serves in the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement, where he ultimately found his passion for representing UVU which led him to pursue his role as a Presidential Intern.


David was born and raised in Provo, Utah in a neighborhood almost a stone’s throw from campus. He grew up an avid fan of basketball and has a love for weight training, volleyball, and any other social sport. On a long weekend, you could find him camping up in the mountains or hitting the slopes.




Avery Green

Avery Green - Intern to Kara Schneck

Avery Green is a driven and enthusiastic Public Relations and Strategic Communication major set to graduate in the spring of 2024. With a rich background in PR, focusing on social media and creative brand development, Avery has honed her passion for effective communication. Her love of words began at a young age, driven by involvement in theater, music, and public speaking. In her high school years, Avery demonstrated her leadership abilities as the president of the drama club and the captain of the debate club, showcasing her ability to excel in both creative and analytical domains. This early experience laid the foundation for her career in strategic communication.


During her time at Utah Valley University, Avery has fully immersed herself in her chosen field, gaining lots of hands-on experience. She really loves UVU and firmly believes in the multitude of incredible opportunities it provides for its students. Beyond her academic pursuits, Avery enjoys wake surfing, baking, and playing her guitar. After graduation, she aspires to continue her journey in the field of PR and brand development, with a particular interest in the beauty industry.






Day Rodriguez

Day Rodriguez - Intern to Dr. Wayne Vaught, VP of Academic Affairs

Day Rodriguez is a Senior at Utah Valley University studying Civil Engineering. She is originally from Mexico, but moved to Provo, Utah when she was 16 years old. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in the Transportation Engineering Industry. 


During her college journey, Day has assumed various leadership roles. She served as a mathematics developmental mentor, held the position of Student Senator for the College of Engineering and Technology at Utah Valley University Student Association, and even took on the role of President of the Student Chapter for the American Society of Civil Engineers at UVU.


Currently, as a Presidential Intern under Dr. Wayne Vaught in Academic Affairs, Day's primary focus centers on strategic decision-making within the academic domain. She participates in multiple committees, including the University Executive Council, Academic Affairs Council, Utah Board of Higher Education's Student Advisory Council, and the Professional Association of Campus Employees, among others.


Day takes immense pride in being a Proud Wolverine. At UVU she discovered her true passion for leadership, advocacy, community development, and higher education.


Lexi Elswood

Lexi Elswood- Intern to Marilyn Meyer, VP of People & Culture

Lexi Elswood is in her senior year at UVU, studying Digital Marketing and pursuing a minor in Business Management. After an anonymous donor paid for her first semester of school after losing her college savings due to COVID-19, she made sure she would always be on the lookout for scholarship opportunities to take advantage of them and pass along scholarship information to others. This promise led her to UVUSA, where she spent two years as a student advocate. When Lexi was the Woodbury School of Business Senator, she learned the importance of involvement here at UVU. She loved UVUSA so much that she became Student Body President to promote student voices, scholarships, and involvement opportunities.


As a Presidential Intern in People and Culture for Marilyn Meyer, Lexi has shifted from student voice to promoting staff and faculty voices around campus and the community. Her goal is to give PaC a distinct voice in recruiting and retaining UVU employees through marketing efforts: social media, email marketing, and external communications.


With a versatile degree, Lexi wants to work for an agency to learn what it takes to start her own Digital Marketing Agency. She loves getting to work out with her husband, Kasen Elswood. Playing tennis, snowboarding, and high fitness are her favorite activities to do with family and friends.

Ashley Nelson

Ashley Nelson- Intern to Kyle Reyes, VP of Institutional Advancement

Ashley Casupanan Nelson is a first-generation Filipina-American from Richland, Washington. She is in her senior year at UVU, majoring in Applied Communication and double-minoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communication, as well as Sociology.


Ashley has previously been a research assistant and presenter for the UVU communication department, with an emphasis on media literacy regarding artificial intelligence in education. She has also been involved with the Center for Social Impact (CSI), though which she had the opportunity to go to New Mexico to research indigenous history, sustainably regenerating resources, and deconstructing colonial frameworks. Furthering her research, Ashley competed in the Design for Impact competition in which she presented on the lack of indigenous representation in environmental decision making, especially in regards to the Great Salt Lake.


Ashley has also participated in various multicultural dance groups and choirs. She currently dances for Legacies, a nonprofit multicultural dance group representing Asian, African, Polynesian, Native American, and Latin cultures.


As the intern for Institutional Advancement (IA), Ashley is passionate about telling student stories. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve on Women’s Council, as well as IA’s inaugural Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity committee. Upon graduating, Ashley plans to pursue a Master’s degree and work in nonprofits.

Henry Freeman

Henry Freeman- Intern to Jim Mortensen, VP of Finance and Auxiliary Services

Henry Freeman is a junior studying finance and is set to graduate in the spring of 2025. Working in the Division of Finance and Auxiliary Services, he operates as the presidential intern to Vice President Jim Mortensen.


Henry was born and raised in Lake Ridge, Virginia. Being a proud Virginian, he loves to bring his East Coast perspective to his assignments at UVU. After graduation, he plans to work as a financial analyst back on the East Coast while pursuing a graduate degree.


Henry is very active within the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement at UVU, currently serving as a senior team lead for the Action Learning program. He has experience in other leadership roles as a Wolverine and always strives to be involved.


When he’s not on campus, you can find Henry working as a pole vault coach, helping young athletes touch the sky -albeit momentarily. He also enjoys dissecting films with his friends, practicing his Portuguese alongside Brazilian Bossa Nova music, and ardently supporting Manchester City Football Club.




Timerlyn Shaw

Timberlyn Shaw - Intern to Kat Brown, Deputy Provost 

Timberlyn is a born-and-raised Utahn and first-generation senior studying philosophy and ethics at UVU; they are hoping to use this education to eventually practice either civil rights or labor law. Once joining the UVU philosophy department, Timberlyn quickly found a home on UVU’s ethics bowl team where they, along with their teammates, have consistently ranked in regional and even national competitions. They have recently begun working with UPEP to go into the Utah state prison to teach/coach the prisoners about ethical theories and applied ethics. Timberlyn’s experience working as an instructor’s assistant at UVU has given them a new respect for education and university faculty, giving them a unique perspective for working in academic affairs.


From a young age they have become familiar with the many struggles that come with poverty and equality issues, and they are excited to use their perspective to make UVU a more supportive space for students and faculty alike. They have had always a passion for education and helping others, and they are thrilled to have the opportunity to combine both in their position working with Kat Brown in academic affairs.


Timberlyn loves attending Utah Valley University and likes to proclaim themselves a born Wolverine due to their fathers role at the University in ethics bowl and in the philosophy department. Outside of school, volunteering, and their work in academia, they spend most of their time taking care of their two younger sisters or playing guitar. They also enjoy photography, writing poetry, and writing music. 


Dongook Kim

Dongook Kim - Intern to Christina Baum, VP of Digital Transformation

Dongook Kim, a UVU computer science student, serves as the presidential intern for Christina Baum, the VP of Digital Transformation. Dongook, who was born in South Korea and grew up in the United States, offers a unique viewpoint and a strong work ethic to his profession. He is enthusiastic about making a difference in the technology sector, specializing in data engineering, machine learning, and web development.


He actively contributes to the Digital Transformation department as an integral component of the UVU Presidential Intern team, playing an essential part in projects such as the development of the myUVU website. Beyond his academic pursuits, Dongook has a diverse set of hobbies that include sports, travel, and music, demonstrating his commitment to constant personal growth and learning.


Dongook is excited about the opportunity to combine his passion for inclusiveness with his technology expertise, with the goal of supporting UVU's objective of providing great care via innovation and cooperation.


Addison Hansen

Addison Hansen - Intern to Michelle Kearns, VP of Student Affairs

Addison Hansen is studying Sociology at Utah Valley University and is a presidential intern to Vice President Michelle Kearns in Student Affairs. She plans to graduate in spring of 2023 and pursue a graduate degree in Sociology, in hopes of working in the realm of higher education. As a transfer student to UVU, Addison quickly became passionate about the importance of student involvement on campus. During her time at UVU Addison has served as the Executive Assistant to the Student Body President, she has worked as a fellow for the Center for Social Impact, and has competed in the Oxford Map the System research competition designed for systems thinkers to analyze social challenges. As part of her internship, Addison serves on UVU’s Women’s Council, Undocumented Student Support Taskforce, Refugee Initiative Taskforce, Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution Taskforce, EID Executive team, and the Student Communication Governance Committee. Addison is passionate about equal opportunity in higher education and hopes to help create an inclusive and supportive environment for all UVU students while working in this role. 





Kanui Peck

Kanui Peck - Intern to Clark Collings, General Counsel

Kanuiokalani "Kanui'' Peck is studying PR and Strategic Communication with a minor in Family Science and is the Presidential Intern to Clark Collings in General Counsel. After graduating from high school, she was fortunate enough to play collegiate soccer in Hawaii and was later accepted into the Broadcast Journalism program at Brigham Young University. There, she was able to pursue her interest in sports media and solidify her passion for entertainment and sports.


Kanui took a short break from her studies to enjoy her greatest accomplishment of becoming a mom to two incredible baby boys. During this time, she began to develop an interest in contract law and negotiation. She decided to complete the remainder of her degree at UVU because of its inclusive environment and now hopes to pursue a career as General Counsel at a sports organization.


During her time at UVU, Kanui has advocated for numerous causes, including as a PR and marketing intern for the Women’s Leadership Institute. An organization that is committed to elevating women in business and politics.


When she is not at school, Kanui enjoys paddle boarding, playing pickleball, exploring new places and cultures, and cheering on her favorite sports teams.



Angela Alcala

Angela Alcala - Intern to Rasha Qudisat

Angela Montzerrat Alcala is a first-generation Mexican-American from Salt Lake City, Utah.  She is in her senior year, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice.  She also holds a license in Real Estate.  

Angela has always demonstrated a strong dedication and passion for equity, inclusion, and diversity.  She previously served on the Multicultural Student Council as the Activities Coordinator in which she had the opportunity to represent and celebrate our diverse student population. Last year, she participated in the Center for Social Impact Map the System competition in which she presented on the exploitation of undocumented agricultural workers in the U.S. She continued her involvement with the center as an Impact Associate and attended the San Diego alternative break trip which analyzed the history of the Chicano freedom movements and gentrification.  Currently, she is researching mental health barriers in the BIPOC community focusing on the accessibility to services, funding, and cultural stigmas.  Her goal is to bring more awareness within the community and connect others to resources.

She decided to intern for the Office of Inclusion & Diversity to continue to build upon her efforts to advocate for equity, inclusion, and diversity.  She is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Campus EID Committee and the Executive EID team.  Upon graduating, she plans on volunteering abroad during the summer before she begins graduate school in the fall where she will pursue a Ph.D. and continue her work for the BIPOC community through advocacy and educational awareness.



Henry Wolthuis

Henry Wolthuis- Intern to Val Peterson, VP of Finance and Strategic Relations

Henry R. Wolthuis is studying National Security Studies at Utah Valley University and will graduate in the Spring of 2025.  As a Presidential Intern, he works for Vice President Val L. Peterson in the Division of Administration and Strategic Relations. Henry is proud to be a Wolverine where he can contribute and magnify his talents whilst being enriched and educated by the skills and passions of his peers and professors.  

Henry has a passion for leadership. He has worked in the office of Idaho Governor Brad Little as well as a Page in the Idaho State Senate. He is currently serving as the lead writer for the podcast, "In the Interest of National Security", a project run by UVU's own Center for National Security Studies. The podcast analyzes and dissects geopolitical and national security issues.  


In his free time, you can find Henry lifting weights, tinkering on old cars, dancing, cheering on UVU sports, spending time with family, or operating tractors and ATVs on a family farm.