Water Service

Procurement Services and Accounts Payable maintain a campus-wide purchase order to handle the billing for water cooler/delivery from DS Water Services (previously Mount Olympus).

Departments are responsible for managing their own accounts. This includes setting up new accounts, canceling accounts, changing delivery location, handling delivery and cooler issues, etc.

To set up a new water account:

1) Call DS Water Services directly to set up water delivery. Ph: 866-307-6092

2) Give them our Master Account number: 4927593

3) Create a new location code with them. They will need to know the department name, delivery location, and contact person.

4) Send an e-mail to procurement@uvu.edu with information from step 3 and the index code to be charged.

Please call Procurement for current pricing.

Invoices may be sent directly to departments. Do not pay invoices with a Purchasing Card. Write the appropriate Index number on all invoices and send them to Accounts Payable, MS 109.

You can maintain your account and get a delivery schedule by setting up an online account at https://selfserve.water.com. You will need your customer account number found on your invoice to setup an account.

If you have any issues with your water account, cooler, or water delivery, please contact DS Water Services directly at 866-307-6092.

If you have any questions, please call Procurement Services at ext. 8301