Wolverine Marketplace

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What is it?

Beginning July 1st the Wolverine Marketplace will be a new way to interact with Procurement. Our goal is to provide you with an easier and more efficient process for purchasing, and the Marketplace will allow us to automate our processes even further than before. It will replace Banner for Requisitioning and Purchase Orders with a single sign on to My UVU. We anticipate that you will find it more user friendly than Banner and that it will save you time and frustration. The Marketplace will also allow you to process check requests, contractual services, LPC requests, mileage reimbursements, stores requests, computer shop orders, software orders and violation forms all in one place. They will then go through a workflow for approvals. No more waiting for intercampus mail or walking things from one place to another.

How does it work?

Everyone that has a UVU ID will be able to use the Wolverine Marketplace. There will be different roles for employees: shopper, requestor and approver. You can be one or two, or all three. The entry level role will be the shopper and that will be granted to every employee. A shopper can do just that, shop. They fill a cart and send it on to a requestor. A requestor can enter index information and submit requests to approvers. Approvers are self-explanatory, they approve the expenditure. Wolverine Marketplace provides a place to shop from Office Depot and Staples. It will replace the current online shopping for those vendors. It also allows users to shop from other catalogs submitted by State contract vendors. It also provides a way to buy non-catalog items and fill out necessary forms from one location. Everything you need to do can be placed into a cart and the cart is turned into a requisition.

What are the advantages?

The workflow is one big advantage. Your requisition will flow from one approval to another without you touching it, just like Banner. However, unlike Banner, everything will be a requisition and it is much easier to track where your requisition is in the process. If you use Office Depot or Staples now, you won't have to worry about keeping everything for your purchasing card audit. It will go through on a requisition and that will make it easier to search and to track spending for budget management. If you purchase items from certain State contracts, you will be able to purchase them directly from the vendor catalog. That will eliminate writing a list for your department admin in order for them to do the requisition. Searching and tracking in the Marketplace is also much easier. It will allow you to find your own information easily. No more trying to figure out the ins and outs on Banner.

What you should remember

You can sign up for training by clicking the link on the right-hand side of this page. If you are a current requestor or approver, you will be given the same access. If you'd like new access as a requestor, you'll need to fill out the requestor form.

Banner will no longer be used for requisitioning after July 1st, 2016. All requisitions will be done through the Wolverine Marketplace. You will still need Banner access if you use it to check budgets or for payroll. Only procurement is moving to the Marketplace.

The Computer Shop will be a catalog on Wolverine Marketplace. Stores will be available there as well. But it is changing and they won't be carrying tissues, gloves, etc. You can buy those items from catalog vendors within the Marketplace. They will keep cases of copy paper, Scantrons, and a few other items.

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