Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Authentication is the process by which a website or app verifies your identity, typically by using a username and password. Oftentimes, a username and password is not sufficiently secure when it comes to sensitive data, to include financial, education and medical data. Multi-factor authentication, also called two-factor authentication or two-step verification, is a process that adds at least one more step, or "factor", to verifying your identity in order to increase security around sensitive data. This step is usually a confirmation of your identity in the form of an email, text message, automated phone call, or notification on an authentication app.

Hackers and other cyber criminals are constantly looking for students and employees with unsecured data to exploit. Multi-factor authentication is a crucial step that each employee and student can take in keeping UVU safe from cyber attacks and able to achieve our educational mission.

Microsoft Authentication for Students

For students and employees accessing certain online resources such as myUVU and Microsoft apps, Microsoft multi-factor authentication will be used. If multi-factor authentication has not been set up, the next time you log into a Microsoft app with your university account, you will be prompted to set an authentication method.  Either a mobile phone number or the Microsoft Authenticator app will be needed for authentication. Instructions for setting up authentication can be found here.

Download the Microsoft Authenticator App

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Why is Multi-factor Authentication needed?

Regent's policy now requires multi-factor authentication (Policy R345 Section 4.1.3).  Hackers often target institutions by using hacked credentials to file taxes for employees, steal employee paychecks, steal from student and employee's bank accounts, and steal Social Security numbers for credit fraud. Multi-factor authentication is the most effective way of stopping this type of fraud, since you are notified of login attempts and required to verify every login to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions not answered below, contact the Service Desk for assistance.

I'm having trouble with multi-factor authentication. Where can I go for help?

Call, live chat, or email the UVU Service Desk by phoning 801-863-8888. In-person help is also available at the Service Desk location in the 1st floor hallway of the LA building. If you would like to set up specific training for your department or unit, you may do so by emailing [email protected].

I do not have a smartphone or tablet. What can I do?

Please refer to the instructions here regarding Yubikeys, which enable the use of MFA in the absence of a smartphone or tablet. Yubikeys can be purchased from online retailers or the Campus Store.

When can I begin using multi-factor authentication?

If you have a smart phone or tablet in hand that you are going to use for multi-factor authentication, you can begin to protect yourself by enrolling downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app. When you do, the app will guide you through a set-up process that just takes minutes.

What types of devices will work with Microsoft multi-factor authentication?

Here is a list of the devices you can use with Microsoft multi-factor authentication:

  • Android phones and tablets
  • iPhones and iPads
  • Apple Watches
  • Yubikey fobs
  • Windows Mobile

** We recommend that you enroll at least two devices so that you'll have a backup way to authenticate should you lose or misplace your first device.

Who will be using Microsoft multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is required for all UVU employees and students.

What services will require the use of multi-factor authentication?

Web-based services, such as myUVU, will require the use of multi-factor authentication. Other services, such as VPN access, will also require multi-factor authentication.

I do not have mobile data on my smartphone or tablet. How can I complete Microsoft Authenticator setup?

If your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you won't need a cellular data plan to get notifications from Microsoft. Once set up, the Authenticator app can also generate a passcode without being online, by tapping on your account in the Authenticator app. You can use that passcode to log in.

Can I use multi-factor authentication when not connected to the Internet? (i.e., air travel, no data, etc.)

The Authenticator app on your phone or tablet can still provide a code without any data connection. Tap on your account in the Authenticator app to get a six-digit code that will work to complete multi-factor authentication.

What if I get a login notification from Microsoft and I haven't just tried to login?

Anytime you receive an authentication request on your phone that you didn't initiate, select "Deny."  will give you two options, "Dismiss" and "Report." Confirm that denying the login was not by mistake by selecting the "Report" option.

We then recommend you immediately notify the UVU Service Desk at 801-863-8888 to report the uninitiated login request and have your password changed. This allows our IT security professionals at UVU to monitor any suspicious activity happening through your account.

Will UVU reimburse me for data usage or purchase a phone for me to use for Microsoft Authenticator?

No. The multi-factor rollout will have no impact on cell phone policies and stipends at UVU. It also does not require cell data to be used.

I left my device at home. What can I do to log in?

We recommend that you enroll a second device as a backup. This can be a second mobile device like a tablet or a Yubikey. If you do not have a second device set up, please contact the UVU Service Desk at 801-863-8888.

I lost my device. What should I do?

If you have a second device set up with the Microsoft Authenticator app, you can tap on your account in the Authenticator app, then tap on "Update security info." You will then be directed to a Microsoft website where you will be able to remove the lost device from your account. As an additional security measure, you should tap the link at the bottom of that page to "sign out everywhere." If you do not have a second device set up, please contact the UVU Service Desk at 801-863-8888.