Why Community Partnership?

The UVU Center for Social Impact heavily relies on community partners to identify and address community needs. We offer several ways for students to get involved in community organizations like yours, including service-learning classes, service fairs, campus advertising, and GivePulse.

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Partnership Tiers



  • GivePlus access to advertise volunteer opportunity (one-time events only)
  • GivePulse and volunteer management trainings
  • Provided a bi-annual newsletter
  • Invitation to the fall UVU Social Impact Fair
  • Access to on-campus advertising by submitting fliers to the staff, posting on the community calendar, and setting up a booth on campus


  • Maintain official 501(c)3 status (exceptions for hospices will require a site visit)
  • Maintain liability insurance for all volunteers (proof required)
  • Attend a Community Partner Orientation Meeting
  • Participate in a yearly survey



  • All benefits of  “Involved” partnership
  • Invitation to UVU Social Impact Fair held twice a year
  • Access to service-learning projects
  • Access to clubs and student organizations
  • Invitation to yearly networking event
  • On-campus conference room reservations


  • All “Involved” partnership requirements
  • Come to two on-campus gatherings a semester
  • Complete online GivePulse training
  • Have one volunteer opportunity posted on GivePulse at all times
  • Bi-annual MOU renewal meeting on even years



  • All benefits of “Involved” and “Invested” partnerships
  • Access to Social Impact Fellows for possible partnership*
  • Priority invitation to service-learning requests from faculty
  • Invitation to Recognition Event held in the spring
  • Assume co-educator role in student volunteers' education*
  • All Social Impact Fellow partners are considered to be in an “Engaged” partnership


  • All “Involved” and “Invested” partnership requirements
  • Successfully partner for one full calendar year at the Invested level
  • Bi-annual MOU renewal meeting on odd years
  • Willingness to host a service event at site for the Center for Social Impact
  • Willingness to present if asked at a civic skills workshop

Partner Qualifications

Must be one of the following:

  • 501c3 government organization
  • 501c4 government organization
  • U.S. registered business which the UVU Center for Social Impact can classify under the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Provide adequate documentation regarding liability insurance
  • Provide adequate documentation regarding risk management procedures and volunteer orientation if needed
  • Participate in a formal site visit if needed

How to Become a Partner

  1. Review New Partnership Orientation.
  2. Submit the Approved Partnership Proposal.
  3. Participate in a site visit if applicable. The need of a site visit is determined by the Center for Social Impact.

*Once steps 1-3 are completed a confirmation email will be sent.


Would you like to learn more about service-learning or the Impact Fellows? Do you need information on how to work with students?

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GivePulse is the online volunteer opportunity database used to advertise and post volunteer opportunities. Students and faculty will be able to search for your volunteer opportunity in a list, using keywords, or by date.

GivePulse Login

Need Help? Contact Amber Hendrickson, Partnerships Coordinator
801-863-6063 I amber.hendrickson@uvu.edu