The Center for Social Impact offers a variety of events, programs, academic opportunities, and connections to community partner organizations and basic needs resources. Regardless of discipline or interest, there is something for every student at UVU who wants to make an impact.

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Impact Fellows

The Impact Fellows are student leaders who represent each of the Six Pathways of Social Impact, alternative breaks, design, and outreach. You can apply to become a fellow each spring semester.

Our student staff are happy to meet and talk about the Pathways and any of the many opportunities available through the Center. Learn more about our staff page.

Social Impact Student Association

The Social Impact Student Association (SISA) is a group that meets weekly to plan and engage in social impact activities and discuss social change. All UVU students are welcome to attend.

Learn more about our student association


Addressing Social Problems

Students who are passionate about understanding and addressing social problems can get involved in the following programs:

  • The Social Impact Incubator program, where you can apply for funding to research a social problem, then implement a strategic intervention to address it.
  • Map the System, where a team can map a social problem, then compete for a chance to go to Oxford for the annual competition.
  • The SimLab, where student employees help track data and metrics to drive impact at local organizations.

The Breakdown

Alternative Breaks are now replaced with The Breakdown, which is our pandemic alternative. All UVU-sponsored travel for Spring 2021 is cancelled. What is The Breakdown:
  • An in-person competition during Spring Break to deeply study the systems that contribute to various social issues and to be able to consult with living experts about potential ways to address them.
  • The winner of the competition will be able to donate the winnings to a non-profit of their choice!
  • Register for The Breakdown
  • Contact us at if you need any accommodations for this event at least 48 hours ahead. Every effort will be made to meet the request.

Learn more about Alternative Breaks


Academic Opportunities

In addition to extra-curricular programs, the Center for Social Impact also provides academic opportunities to allow students to progress towards graduation while learning social impact strategy, earning transcript distinction, and getting involved in the community through service-learning.

Events & Volunteerism

The Center for Social Impact holds several events per semester, with focus on addressing social issues through the Six Pathways. These include experiences such as the Clothesline Project, which brings awareness to survivors of abuse, and the Hunger Banquet, which highlights the reality of food insecurity.

Volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups are available through the Center's community partner organizations. There are both on-campus and off-campus options.


Faculty Involvement

The Center for Social Impact is always looking for faculty partnership. We would love to support you in integrating service-learning to your courses, or connect you with students who could use your expertise.

Basic Needs

UVU's Food Pantry is located in the Center for Social Impact, and is available to students, faculty, and staff who may be struggling to make ends meet or with any type of food insecurity. Meal vouchers are also available for use up to three times per semester.

Learn more about the Food Pantry


If you would like someone from our office to present on the services we have to offer or on another specific topic such as:

  • social impact
  • service-learning
  • volunteerism
  • basic needs and care
  • another topic of your choice

Contact Lori Phipps at or call 801-863-8786 to schedule a presentation.