The following page is designed to help Employees and Students browse all the software offered through UVU. The software below is only the most popular, but not the extent of the software available to employees and students.


Name Categories Platform
Adobe Design and Development Windows 10OS X iOS AndroidCitrix Virtual Lab
Alertus Emergency Alerts Windows 10OS X
Box Drive Content Sharing Windows 10OS XiOSAndroid
Cisco Anyconnect Security Windows 10OS X
Citrix Virtualization Windows 10OS XiOS Android
HID Mobile Security iOSiOSiOSAndroid
Lucid Chart Diagramming and Flowcharts Windows 10OS XiOS AndroidCitrix Virtual Lab
Mathematica Mathematics and graphing Windows 10OS X                Citrix Virtual Lab
Microsoft Office 365 Productivity and Business Windows 10OS XiOS  iOSCitrix Virtual Lab
Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage Windows 10OS XiOSAndroid
Microsoft Outlook Mobile Communication iOSiOSiOSAndroid
Microsoft Project Project Management Windows 10
Microsoft Teams Communication Windows 10OS XiOSAndroid
Microsoft Visio Diagramming and Flowcharts Windows 10
NVivo Data Analysis Windows 10OS XiOSiOSCitrix Virtual Lab
Qualtrics Survey Tools Windows 10 OS X iOSAndroid
Respondus Lockdown Browser Instructional Technology Windows 10OS X
SAS Statistical Analysis Windows 10
Spirion Security Windows 10OS X
SPSS Statistical and Mathematical Windows 10OS X
STATA Statistical and Mathematical Windows 10OS X