Other Types of Spam

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Political Spam Email Example

political spam example

What is it?

The world of spam is always changing, and spammers are constantly trying different methods of getting their spam to you. These 'other' methods of spam are less dangerous, and are just more of a nuisance, but they occur enough that they're still worth mentioning.

The first kind of spam we'll talk about is test spam. This kind of spam comes in the form of a near-empty email and may appear to have no purpose whatsoever. However, some spammers will send these test emails before sending larger spam blasts to make sure their blasts won't get immediately blocked. They do this by receiving a notification when their test email gets opened, letting them know it didn't get blocked.

The next type of spam we'll talk about is political spam. Have you ever received an unwanted phone call, text, letter, or email from a politician that you never subscribed to receive? Any of them would be an example of political spam. For the emails, one of the things politicians will do is harvest as many email addresses as they can from public webpages, or another thing they might do is just purchase email addresses in bulk. They then send their political email message out to everyone they can looking for donations and/or support. Unsubscribing doesn't always work for these kinds of emails, which makes them particularly annoying.

The final type of spam we'll go over is click bait spam. This kind of spam overlaps with several other types, but there are certain spam emails that primarily rely on click bait tactics to trick you into clicking on a link. This spam tactic will almost always use a false sense of urgency with a "too good to be true" offer, misleading information designed to pique your interest, or a threat of some kind.