What we do

Our Office is focused on all things intellectual property (IP). We help identify and protect University IP. We manage the University’s IP portfolio. We facilitate commercial development of University IP through licensing agreements with companies and start-ups. We work with the Office of General Counsel (OGC) in preparing and reviewing IP related agreements.


University trademarks are licensed through the Trademark Licensing Program.  Trademark protection and enforcement are handled through our Office in conjunction with the Office of General Counsel.

Our Services

Tech Transfer

  • Review faculty/staff invention disclosures
  • Secure and maintain patents for University inventions
  • Assess University technologies for commercial potential
  • Transfer University technologies through licensing arrangements
  • Prepare/review material transfer agreements


  • Assist with general copyright questions


  • Protect and enforce University trademarks in conjunction with the Trademark Licensing Program and OGC

Intellectual Property

  • Answer general questions on IP and IP policy (Policy #136)
  • Present to classes and departments on IP
  • Support IP-centered student entrepreneurship and engaged learning activities

IP Agreements

  • Assist OGC in preparing and reviewing IP related agreements