Technology Management & Mechatronics Combining 2024

We are excited to announce that Technology Management and Mechatronics are combining forces to serve student needs beginning 2024.

Technology Management Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology Management program is to provide academic degrees in technical and operations management relevant to the global economy. Our courses provide appropriate knowledge and skills through engaged learning, hands-on activities, scholarship investigation, ethical responsibility, creativity, and lifelong learning.

Students will be prepared for professional careers in management and entrepreneurship as well as provided with a strong foundation for advanced academic study. Our graduates will also be prepared to contribute to their employers and communities through leadership, service, and a concern for the environment.


Mechatronics Program Mission Statement

The mission of Mechatronics is to prepare students to work as automation technicians or designers in manufacturing. Graduates will have skills in electronics, PLC programming, sensors, mechanical design, solid modeling, and pneumatics that will find direct application as they start their career in the industry.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology is a hybrid discipline that utilizes Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and principles of Computer Science to design and produce complex computer controlled electromechanical systems.


Technology Management & Mechatronics Principles

In TMM student success and lifelong learning is our highest priority. We maintain small class sizes to increase focus on our students and to better facilitate engaged learning and curiosity.


We believe our teaching should be current, relevant, and applicable. Our faculty present the most current technology in a way that is useful, challenging, and fun, so that students come away with skills that are useful immediately, as well as when working in the industry.

It is our job to prepare students for careers in industry and business. The Technology Management and Mechatronics programs prioritize practical and marketable skills so students will be ready for the post-collegiate world and work opportunities.


Every student can succeed in Technology Management and Mechatronics through integrity and dedication to the required courses. Instruction, assessment, and materials are linked to help students achieve success.


Technology Management & Mechatronics supports the UVU mission of engaged learning and opportunity by working together as a team. We recognize the importance of working with other departments and bridging disciplines by sharing materials and best practices within UVU.


We believe our classrooms should be engaged and hands-on to create practical knowledge.

We welcome different viewpoints and understand that diversity is an asset in the classroom, and in the world.


Technology Management & Mechatronics students may customize classes through stackable credentials and flexible scheduling to  maximize their educational progress. 

Students with  professional prior learning may elect to take a prior learning assessment to earn university credit.


Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes many members of the local industry. They advise our program to improve the overall degree of quality of the curriculum developed to improve the level of skill of the students.

Advisory Board

Donate to the Technology Management & Mechatronics Program

Contributions from alumni, community partners, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of UVU make an impact in shaping the minds and changing the lives of our students. Even modest contributions pooled together create opportunities for academic success by funding scholarships, engaged learning activities and provide support for program growth.

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