Bringing Guests to UVU


UVU defines a guest as a traveler is an individual that is not a current employee of UVU but may be traveling to or from UVU on University funds.   For example:  Faculty/Staff candidates, conference participant, symposiums or other guest lecturers.  A spouse or friend is not considered a guest.   

You will need to submit a request.   Please follow the instructions on how to submit a request.  It is suggested that the Request/Trip Field Name indicate the guest traveler name then UVU.  For example;   Jane Doe –UVU.   Then from the traveler type field choose the guest option and fill out the Guest traveler name field.  Fill in all the required information on the main header page *The required information is indicated in red.   Click save in the upper right.   Concur will then send a warning reminding you to contact the travel department at  .  

  • Prior to contacting the travel department.   It is suggested that you obtain certain information required for booking.  
    • Guest Name – As it appears on government issued ID
    • Guest -Birthdate
    • Guests -Gender
    • Address – If you are reimbursing *
    • Travel trip information (for your own behalf since you will be doing the booking.)
      • Dates for travel
      • Airport preferences
      • Time preferences
      • Frequent Flyer Miles

The travel office will need to assign you the role of booking for guest.   Our travel department will also determine if you will be reimbursing the guest for any travel expenses.  

  • If you will be reimbursing the guest we will need to assign a temporary UV ID# to the guest so that when Concur pushes the payment through to Banner that it will pay the guest based on the UV ID# assigned


  • If you will not be reimbursing the guest and only paying for room, flight, etc.   We will assign the role of guest travel to the Travel portion of the Concur program.   The UV ID will not be necessary because there will be no reimbursement for the travel expenses.

The Basics

  • You must submit a request through CONCUR for any guest booking and be approved PRIOR to booking travel
  • All travel must be reconciled/expensed within CONCUR