Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Travel Policy?

University Travel Policy 251 and 252 can be found online at


How do I access Concur?

Concur is available to full-time employees through myUVU>Employees>Purchasing and Travel.


What is a Request?

A Request is pre-trip approval to travel for University business. It includes information about the trip, including estimates of travel costs. The Request needs to be completed and approved before making travel arrangements and departing on the trip.


When is a Request required?

A Request is required for all in-state overnight, out-of-state, and international trips.


Can I book travel without an approved Request?

No. Making travel purchases without an approved Request is a violation of University Policy.


What is a Travel Card?

A Travel Card is a University owned credit card issued to any full-time employee. The card is for travel related purchases while traveling for University business.


Am I required to obtain a Travel Card?

No. Travel Cards are not mandatory. If you do not have a travel card, personal funds must be used to pay for your travel expenses.


What purchases can I make on my Travel Card?

Airfare, baggage fees, hotel (including Airbnb), rental car and fuel, transportation, parking, and conference registration fees. These expenses must correspond with an in-state overnight, out-of-state, or international travel.


Am I required to book all travel within Concur?

While it is encouraged to use the Concur Travel tool, it is not required. You are able to make all travel arrangements outside of Concur, with or without your travel card.


What is an Expense Report?

An Expense Report is a report that reconciles all travel card charges associated with a trip and reimburses the traveler for any out-of-pocket costs.


When is an Expense Report required?

An Expense Report is required for every trip where a travel card is used and/or reimbursement is sought.


What do I need to include on an Expense Report?

An Expense Report contains the basic information about the trip such as trip dates, destination, and index responsible for funding the trip. It also includes all the travel card charges and out-of-pocket expense associates with the trip, and your approved request.


How do I get my receipts to show in the Available Receipts section of Concur?

E-receipts: Many travel vendors are e-receipt vendors. This means an electronic receipt will be attached to your travel card charge. For a complete list of e-receipt vendors see E-receipt vendors under Helpful Documents on myUVU.

Concur mobile application: If you downloaded the Concur mobile app then you can take a photo of your paper receipt. The image of the receipt will be listed under Available Receipts in the Concur app and on your Concur profile.

Receipt store: If you have an electronic receipt, you may forward it to or In order for the receipt to pull into your Concur profile, you must verify your email in your profile settings. Receipts forwarded to will appear in the Available Receipts section of your profile. Receipts forwarded to will appear in the Available Expenses section of your profile.


What is the Concur Mobile Application?

The Concur Mobile App is an app available on your mobile device to help you expense reports while traveling.


Why is the Concur app useful?

You can take pictures of receipts and create your expense report while you are traveling. This will save you time when you return and are ready to reconcile travel card charges.