International Travel


Attention per international travel. All UVU employees and students traveling outside the United States are required to purchase international travel insurance. This protects the traveler and UVU from significant expense in case of injury, illness, or death where emergency medical assistance and/or transportation are necessary. Please contact UVU's International Center (WB147, ext. 8342, or to acquire this insurance. This must be done before airfare is purchased and before travel advances are processed.

Meal allowances are given based on the State of Utah rates as follows:

Breakfast $10.00
Lunch $14.00
Dinner $23.00
Total $47.00

In order to receive a full day's allowance, the traveler must leave before 7 a.m. and return after 7 p.m. An overnight stay is required to receive any meal allowance. Meals included in or provided by conference registration fees will not be reimbursed.

Receipts for hotel, taxi, limousine, rental car, registration fee, etc. are required to receive a reimbursement. Hotel and restaurant charges need to be itemized on the receipt. Hotel bills must show a zero balance due. If there is any question obtain and keep any receipt.

Parking is available at the airport and by various external vendors. Long-term parking can be utilized at the current rate of $9.00 per day. Short-term or parking provided by external vendors is not reimbursable for amounts greater than the current airport long-term parking rate.


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