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Transform your startup from an idea to a thriving business with the UVU Business Accelerator. Our comprehensive program is designed to save you valuable time and money by efficiently guiding you through every phase of business development. Join the ranks of entrepreneurs who have dramatically cut their development time and costs.


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Hundreds of businesses have gone through the UVU Business Accelerator.
Whether you have a new startup or you are developing a new product for an existing Business, this is the program for you.


Business Accelerator Training

Business Accelerator


Accelerate Your Business Growth

Our program is structured in detailed phases to ensure you cover every critical aspect of business growth:

Business Accelerator Phases

Additional Benefits:

  • Intro to Entrepreneurship and Utah Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Time Management and Business Basics
  • Work/Life Balance Coaching
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching

Register Now:

  • Cost: $250.00
  • Includes
    • Access to all three phases of the Business Accelerator (12 hours of hands on training on your business!)
    • Two months of complimentary membership at the UVU Business Resource Center (valued at $110). Read more about UVU Business Memberships
  • Discount: You can also appy for 40% off with Customer Fit


Business Model Validation

Upcoming Sessions:

The UVU Business Accelerator is taught monthly (Phase I on the First Friday of each month), making it flexible for you to join at a time that best fits your schedule. You can go through the Business Accelerator at Your Own Pace.

  • May 3, 2024 
  • June 7, 2024 
  • July 5, 2024 
  • August 2, 2024
  • September 6, 2024
  • October 4, 2024
  • November 1, 2024 
  • December 6, 2024

Why Choose UVU Business Accelerator?

At UVU, we're committed to providing you with the tools and resources necessary to validate, grow, and scale your business efficiently. Our experts are seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders who are dedicated to your success. By joining our accelerator, you not only gain knowledge but also become part of a supportive community of innovators and business leaders.

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