Campus Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm

Gym Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm

Services provided free to students

Students taking a selfie on campus
  • Gym Facility
  • Pool Table
  • Ping Pong
  • Gaming System
  • Board Games

Students may check out the pool cues, ping pong equipment, and gaming equipment at the Front Desk located in WC209.


Gym Rules and Regulations

  • Students must sign in and out at the Front Desk.
  • Students must present their student ID cards in order to use the gym facility.
  • Students must sign an Activity Participant Agreement before using the gym facility.
  • Food is not permitted in the gym. Only water bottles are permitted.
  • Use of alcohol, vaporizers, tobacco of any form, or other drugs is prohibited.
  • The Student Center is not responsible for loss due to theft. Secure all valuables in a locker. Locks are to be supplied by the user. A lost and found is also located at the front desk.
  • Skateboards, longboards scooters, hover boards and rollerblades are not allowed in the facility.
  • No pets are permitted in the Student Center unless used specifically as a service animal.
  • Music must be kept at a reasonable range. Music with explicit lyrics will not be tolerated.
  • No filming is allowed in the facility without authorization from manager.
  • All accidents and equipment damage must be reported to Student Center staff personnel immediately. An incident report must be filled out, put in the approved binder and a copy will be sent to the risk management director as well as the Campus Recreation & Wellness Director.
  • Personal private contract work, i.e., personal training, and/or fitness workouts other than what the Wasatch Campus provides, are not permitted.
  • Prior to using equipment, read the warning labels and instructions affixed to each machine.
  • Exercises that cannot be performed in a safe and proper manner or may pose risk to others are prohibited.
  • Student Center staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to facility or to request individuals to leave facility. Any loud or unusual sounds from members is prohibited.

Gym Participant Responsibility


  • Failure to comply with posted policies and guidelines.
  • Those who do not cooperate with established policies, use abusive language, are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or act inappropriately toward a University employee will be asked to leave and may have their privileges revoked.
  • Providing false information to Student Center staff or forgery of any kind.
  • Attempting to allow non-students into the gym facility.
  • **Sneaking a friend into the facility without approval from the gym manager will result in a 2-week ban and further offenses will result in a more extensive ban, as determined by staff.
  • Failure to comply with requests from Student Center staff.
  • Use, possession, or any distribution of alcohol, tobacco or any illegal substance.
  • Attempted or actual theft
  • Violation of Student Code of Conduct – any physical altercation will result in a 2 week ban
  • Violation of University policies
  • Violation of Federal or state criminal laws on University campus while participating in recreation activities.


  • Referral to Dean of Students/Student Conduct Office
  • Referral to Campus Police
  • Suspension from the Student Center facility and programs or revoked membership.
  • Assumption of Risk

Assumption of Risk

The Student Center operates on an "exercise at your own risk" policy. The use of the facility and its programs is completely voluntary. Each individual utilizing the facility assumes the risk for any harm or injuries sustained. Neither Utah Valley University, nor the Wasatch Campus can assume any responsibilities for injuries incurred through participation in its programs and/or services in or outside the facility. It is strongly advised that participants use caution and be aware of potential health risks associated with exercise, and obtain a physical from a physician before beginning an exercise program. It is strongly recommended that every participant of the Student Center activities be covered by a health and accident insurance policy.