VentureCon: UVU Student Business Trade Show


Come and See What UVU Student Businesses Have to Offer

Who can attend?

Anyone! If you're interested in seeing what kinds of things UVU Students and local women are making businesses for, stop by and check out the trade show. We'll have everything from clothing to apps to skincare products. 

What does it cost?

Nothing! This event is completely free. That is, unless you decide you want to buy something from one of the businesses. 

Why should I go?

If you like to shop, this is going to be a really fun way to see a wide variety of products made by UVU students. If you're interested in starting your own business, this is a great opportunity for you to get inspired. Finally, if you're interested in investing or getting involved with UVU student businesses, this will be a great way to connect with the proprietors.

When is it?

Thursday, March 21, 2024, 10 AM-2 PM

Where is it?

Hall of Flags

Display Your Business and Sell Your Product

Who can display?

UVU students, UVU alumnus, or women (with the WE LIFT program) who own their own business.

What do you get?

You will be given your own table to post flyers, display your products and services, contact info, social media links, videos, and more. You can also use this event to present your business idea and gauge interest.

When is it?

Thursday, March 21st, 2024, 10 AM-2 PM

Where is it?

Hall of Flags

Why should I participate?

We want to give UVU student businesses and women-owned businesses the opportunity to sell their products to the UVU community, or to validate their business idea by presenting it to their peers.

This event is free and will cost nothing but your time!

Contact or call (801)-863-5354 with any questions.


 Applications closed 



Participating Businesses

The House of Posters

I design and sell posters. I have several poster collections: Albums, National Parks, and Movies.


Travel By Candle


Taking you around the world one candle at a time. Natural travel-themed candles. 

Etsy Shop


Utah's first DIY Bead Studio! Choose from hundreds of beads and create your own beaded accessories!

Instagram            Website

Jo Jewelry

I sell handmade jewelry like soldered rings, necklaces, and bracelets as well as my primary product: spoon rings. Another huge part of my business is the permanent jewelry I sell!

Website           Facebook            Instagram


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Promote Your Business

Apply for a table at VentureCon and expose your business to hundreds of other UVU students.
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Validate Your Idea

Find out if your business has traction by putting it to the test in the real world. Find out if anyone wants what you're offering!

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Sell Your Product

Set up to sell your product to hundreds of curious UVU students and find out just how desirable your product is.

Past Participating Businesses

Droplet makes digital transformation easy with robust forms, streamlined workflows, and data-driven insights.


Growing up in Hong Kong, Ben Perkins lived in humidity. He regularly wore a white dress shirt for school functions, orchestra performances, and church activities. When he wasn't wearing a dress shirt, he was wearing athletic clothing. On one particularly muggy and miserable day while wearing a white shirt he thought, "Why can't I make a dress shirt out of athletic material?" And that is how the idea of &Collar was born. Except in 2008 and as a 13-year-old, the brand was Wicka-Sweat. 

A few years later after returning home to the US after living in the Philippines for two hot years, Ben decided it was time to make it happen. With that said, Wicka-Sweat needed rebranding. He reached out to the best branding team he knew: his sister and her advertising friends: Lizzi Perkins, Timmy Bates, David Shum, and Jordan Larsen. 

After breaking bread, the company &Collar was officially formed in August of 2017. From the first meeting in a living room to running the company out of several different garages, we have always kept the goal of producing affordable apparel that will not only keep you comfortable but won't break the bank.

&Collar | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Intuitive Quality Consulting

Business consulting for FDA and regulatory compliance.

Dog Products

Puppy & Dog Bowl Drops (Vitamin & Flavor)
Puppy treats

Travel By Candle

I make travel themed natural candles.

Travel By Candle | Instagram | Facebook | Tiktok | Pinterest


Convertible heels (women’s shoes). Just a potential startup looking for feedback.

Coyote Pass Trading Co.

I sell authentic Native American-made silver and turquoise jewelry. One of my main goals with my business is to bring value back to the reservation, and I am able to do this by purchasing from Native American artisans and silversmiths and then selling their pieces online. I am also proud to donate a portion of our sales to various organizations that help our Native communities.

Coyote Pass Trading Co. | Instagram | Facebook

Jthan Arts

Art Illustrations, Military History in Art

Salt Lake Organics

CBD products.

Salt Lake Organics

The Milk Society

We provide locally-made plant-based milk beverages. All our milk comes in 12 ounce bottles and our flavors range from chocolate almond to strawberry oat milk. We strive to make all our milk simple in it's ingredients, environmentally sustainable and above all delicious.


Indigo Waves

Indie rock band. We sell merch and set up shows for events.


Falter Talks Podcast

A mental health self help podcast!

Furufoo @ Art

Furufroo Art logo
A Brazilian digital artist selling prints of her artwork and advertising her commissions. Our focus is in cozy, colorful character drawings and landscapes made to the taste of the client. It's custom art at an affordable price, perfect for room decor!



Fulfillment service for employee and customer engagement products. 3PL for swag and other products.



24/7 online language tutoring service

Holo Auto Rentals

HOLOHaving lasting experiences is important to you, so it's important to us! We're here to help you have them! Drive the car you've always wanted to drive delivered right to your door!


Koraki Travel

A platform filled with affordable general or custom itineraries and trip support for travelers curated by locals.


Ashley Eliza Co.

I’m a freelance photographer/videographer who helps brands with their content and marketing. I’m also a brand & marketing agent who helps brands really figure out their story and help them convey it in a compelling way.



Scouter is a peer-to-peer marketplace for photographers and filmmakers to rent locations, props, and equipment on an hourly or daily basis for their next shoot!

Scouter | Instagram | Facebook

Pooch Perfect Dog Training

Dog Training Services. Basic obedience and e-collar.

Pooch Perfect Dog Training | Instagram | Tiktok

Wander App

Wander is the one-app, no-code, interactive mapping replacement for paper maps. Ski resorts, shopping malls, college campuses, you name it, build it with a wander map. Online or offline, indoor or outdoor, build your map with wander. We look to partner with destinations to create the best experience for visitors.

Wander | Instagram | LinkedIn

Villa Ceramics

We make functional, custom ceramic dishware as well as offer pottery classes.

Villa Ceramics | Instagram

Green Dreams Come True

Agriculture business consultation services and products.

Facebook Page | Facebook Group

Stormy Night Mysteries

We can write a custom murder mystery party for you in a month according to your specifications!

Want a murder mystery composed entirely of zombies? A Dungeons and Dragons inspired murder mystery? A murder mystery composed of solely inanimate objects? The sky's the limit! Then again, the sky isn't the limit because we can write murder mysteries in space!

Your specifications regarding number of suspects, theme, content and plot points is a starting point for us to create a delightful, chilling, or hilarious story! Our writers have written murder mysteries for over five years, and we've learned a lot about how to craft a thrilling narrative.

In addition, we also provide pre-made mysteries using popular themes that you can purchase at a significant discount!

Stormy Night Mysteries

Wizard World Clothing

Clothing brand that focus’s on embroidery and recycled clothing.

Wizard World Clothing

Wilkinson Capital Partners

Wilkinson Capital Partners is an investment organization laboring on behalf of family foundations, institutions, medical professionals and individuals. Our mission is to create long-term value for our investors through the careful stewardship of their capital. We focus within the medical industry, private equity, and real estate. Our efforts and capital grow companies and support local economies.

Wilkinson Capital

Beth's Book Boutique

Photo books and photography design/printing.

Website          Instagram          Facebook

TikTok               YouTube

Snow Goonez

Snowboarding attire company

Green Dreams Come True

Agriculture business consultation services and products.

Facebook Group

Olympus Studios

I manage a game development studio and YouTube channel.

True Quality Construction

I run a business centered around masterful construction. Check us out!

Glass Earrings

I hand melt glass with a blow-torch to create enchanting earring art. It’s a creative outlet for a Private Business Consultant!


Ramah Greetings

Faith-based greeting cards



We're a software development company specializing in innovative video game experiences. We're currently working on Isodox Enigma, a city-building puzzle game with a cash prize to whomever solves the mystery first.


Trading company, imported goods (mainly from Asia) and sell them to mainly businesses and DTC

Dream of Creation Software

We run a software entertainment business!


Freelance videographer selling wedding videos


It is the RateMyProfessor of apartments for college housing, as well as a platform to buy and sell contracts. A place where we connect housing complexes to students!

Alpine Embroidery & Repair

My business focuses on upcycling clothing through the art of embroidery.


Jo Jewelry

Selling handmade rings and jewelry pieces as well as offering permanent jewelry

Website           Facebook            Instagram

Creator's Unlimited

Have you ever needed an escape? The world we live in just beating you down a little too much? Step into a world of magic and adventure, meet heroes and villains locked in a whirlwind of action and mystery. Follow the tales of your favorite heroes and feel yourself stand beside them. Whose side will you choose? Come step into a world of imagination and wonder, we are Creator’s Unlimited (Comic books, posters, shirts and other merchandise)

Memory Maker

This is a clothing brand that focuses on the people that love to live life to the fullest. With our clothes you can feel the memories being made.

Flying Start Apparel

An apparel company focused on "the art of wearing your heart". Our designs are the core of our company, as each are correlated with a cause or something that deserves more awareness. With clothing having potential to be a talking point, we want to put people off to a flying start to talking about what's things that are important to them while rocking stylish, original, meaning-filled designs. We're looking to launch big-time in the summer of 2022, so we're signing up more to get some feedback from others about our ideas, direction, and designs.


Trend Watchers

We Help Entrepreneurs Discover Business Opportunities Through Emerging Trends

Trend Watchers | Instagram | LinkedIn

Dinkin Pickleball

Trendy Pickleball apparel for on and off the court!

Dinkin Apparel | Instagram

About Love And Language

About Love and Language's mission is to help ALL families create a language rich environment for their children who are at risk for language delays. Playing together, bedtime stories and other daily routines help build language and family bonds. We create resources. Our first resource are baby board books that are simple to sign. (And many RHYME when Signed!) American Sign Language is an accessible language for children with hearing loss, Down Syndrome, Autism and children who have no diagnosis at all. We proudly partner with the Deaf community to create these resources. Each book has a QR code that links to a video where a Deaf mentor signs each book. Utah Parent Infant Program provide the Deaf mentors. Deaf artist illustrate our books.

About Love And Language | Facebook Group | Instagram


Digital video and photo displayed.


U & Me Impact

U & Me Impact is a new and innovative way to do our part in protecting the environment while providing sustainable incentives to recycle.

U & Me Impact | Instagram

Paze Transaction Technologies

A software tool that splits online and in-store purchases between different users with different forms of payment in a fast, easy, and secure way. (Idea still in planning/validation phase)


AJUnique Jewelry shop and phone accessories from abroad and local producers.

Endor Games, LLC

We design board games and are currently in the process of launching our first board game.



TREKOutdoor recreational carpool service

Hiloha Marketing

HMWe help scale and grow businesses on Amazon through ads, SEO, content creation, and much more.


Bernasconi Arts

Stickers, art prints, other handmade items

Instagram          Etsy

Hey You

We sell health boxes. We create boxes filled with health products that help with women's health from emotional, mental, physical health. We want to help women to feel capable of taking on this world. We want women to feel empowered to reach their full potential.


FMAn organization for young adult males: Our mission is to AWAKEN and IGNITE the inner man by focusing on the fundaMENtals of manhood.

Home Again Handyman

My business is a handyman service where we can do a lot of different tasks that are placed before us.

The House of Posters

THOPI design and sell posters. I have several poster collections: Albums, National Parks, and Movies.


Raize Permanent Jewelry

RPJWe weld 14k gold and sterling silver chains for clients.



VIBINVibin makes your life EASIER. Vibin is a new way to make your life more positive through scheduling activities with your group and finding new friends to vibe with. Vibin is a quicker way to find new entertaining experiences.


WBHow often are you out and about in your daily activities that you see someone who catches your eye? This happens all the time! Unfortunately, we hardly ever take the opportunity to go and introduce ourselves, and that opportunity is gone.

But, what if the opportunity wasn't gone? What if you could get on an app and in REAL-TIME connect with those you see around you. Walkbye users connect with other singles through their own social media profiles. When you see someone you think you may be interested in, get on Walkbye, find their profile, and connect with them through their social media.

Find mutual friends, shoot a DM, comment on a post, or if they are "vibing" confidently talk to them in person. Walkbye provides new opportunities for singles to connect with those they see around them.

Website          Instagram